PPD Employees in Mexico Show Solidarity

Safe following the earthquake, PPD employees rally around each other and their community.

Mexico Earthquake Volunteers

What started as a routine earthquake evacuation drill at PPD’s office in Mexico City, Mexico, turned into reality on Sept. 19. Employees were outside when the ground began shaking. On the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake impacted the city and surrounding area.

PPD employees watched as the disaster significantly affected buildings only blocks away. Thankfully, all PPD employees working in Mexico were safe and unharmed.

“We were relieved to know that we work in a newly constructed building and our team was well organized. We’re also lucky to have brigades, who provide support and order during emergencies,” said Cecilia Morena, associate director of clinical management, about the experience. “It was amazing to see the brigades organizing people and keeping them calm. Until the last employee was safe, the volunteers were focused on taking care of those around them and ensuring their safety.”

PPD’s team in Mexico executed its emergency action plan and determined the safety of employees.

Less than two weeks after the devastation, the focus of the employees shifted to community relief efforts.

PPD donated funds to Un Gránito de Arena, a nonprofit senior center that provides care to the elderly. PPD’s donation has helped repair damage to the center’s building.

PPD also collected and delivered items to the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos distribution centers in Mexico City. These items will be distributed to individuals in need.

“Solidarity and commitment are the words that come to mind when I describe our team,” Cecilia said. “I feel very proud of how we handled the disaster, and greatly appreciate the support PPD’s leadership provided throughout those difficult days. We are truly one PPD.”