A Record of Success and Opportunity

Employees in records management share what they value most about their roles, team and career paths.

Nowadays it’s not enough to find a steady job — people want to join a company where they are part of a cohesive team, do meaningful work and have opportunities for growth. At PPD, career development is core to our culture. Records management, part of global quality and compliance, is just one example of a department that offers employee a breadth of learning that establishes the foundation for future success at PPD.

Team members in records management are responsible for maintaining study records, filing physical and electronic documents, and reviewing submissions to ensure they meet quality-control inspections. It’s an important part of PPD, and one in which team members find support, camaraderie and career growth.

“My position as an associate records specialist — referred to internally as a ‘doc tech’ — is the perfect position to learn the importance of the support we provide to our clients, and a great department in which to build a foundation for my future with PPD,” says Eric DeLeon. “I’ve only recently joined PPD and, in a short time, I’ve found that this role offers great insight into the ins and outs of the company. I have gained a comprehensive understanding for our online databases and systems. And, of course, there are several opportunities for career development from here.”

“I always encourage colleagues in this position to jump right in,” says Thomas Thompson, who started his PPD career as a doc tech. “You can develop a diverse knowledge base in this role, and that is always beneficial when managers are looking for future leaders.” Thomas, now a records specialist and trainer, finds one of the most exciting parts of his current position to be the ways in which he has developed. “I’ve learned invaluable communications and planning skills, and have been encouraged to take part in the creation of trainings and helped build some of PPD’s teaching processes.”

Many employees have similar stories of development to share. “I joined PPD as a doc tech in 2014 and have worked my way into a supervisory role over the years,” says Brad Ketcham, supervisor, records management. “I now manage several employees and am part of a diverse team that I find myself learning new things from every day.”

With great teams and opportunities for growth, records management offers an opportunity for individual employees to make a positive impact on our clients’ experiences. To explore opportunities within records management or other groups at PPD, please visit our careers page.