Focused on a Shared Goal

As a commercial finance analyst in Bulgaria, I have never felt more appreciated and welcome than I have at PPD. It was made clear from the start that no matter an individual’s title or role, we are all working towards the same goal — to help improve health.

Monica Stoimenova I am responsible for the management of the contract process with our clients. Part of this requires fluid communication from my team to the client, establishing a positive relationship between the client and PPD. Working on a large global team, I have colleagues based in Bulgaria and the U.S. Some may think that the distance makes building relationships a challenge, but the infrastructure within PPD is so well-equipped for our global scale, it sometimes feels like we work in the same location. Like any team sitting beside each other in the same office, we share life stories and challenges, making the geographical distance a nonissue. We have the shared purpose of helping our customers deliver life-changing therapies.

The people in the office are always open and supportive of my work and personal career path. Each year, we jointly set goals that are well-communicated within our team, then we partner with each other to achieve these objectives throughout the year. Working with such an exceptional team with a clear focus and commitment is what sets PPD apart from other companies.

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