Pharmacovigilance Services

PPD is committed to patient safety and is ready to collaborate with clients to meet the increasingly complex regulatory requirements in pharmacovigilance. Our full range of services offer flexible technologies, resourcing solutions, effective governance and continuous process improvement from early clinical development to marketed product support. Through efficiencies, maintaining quality and adhering to regulations, PPD creates value across all areas of pharmacovigilance.

Our experienced team of more than 700 pharmacovigilance professionals worldwide provide 24/7/365 availability and is fully focused on identifying and applying valuable insights based on pharmacovigilance needs.

PPD’s motivated pharmacovigilance staff offers:

  • Organizational stability that comes from years of experience within the company
  • Expertise from extensive onboarding and continuous training processes
  • Firsthand knowledge of complex regulatory requirements
  • Clinical Trials

    PPD provides a wide range of clinical trial pharmacovigilance services using innovative tools and processes that help reduce time and costs.

    Experience early development safety

  • PPD Expertise

    Marketed Products

    The robustness of PPD’s pharmacovigilance processes allows for the quick deployment of the appropriate level of staff to ensure the successful transfer of deliverables across functional teams.

    Learn about PPD’s post-market approach

  • Flexible Systems

    Flexible Technologies

    With a dedicated pharmacovigilance IT team and a suite of scalable safety technologies, PPD is able to ensure data accuracy and reduce clients’ technology ownership costs.

    Explore our safety-focused technologies

  • PVG Excellence

    Dedicated Experts

    PPD’s global team of pharmacovigilance experts is devoted to helping clients identify trends in data and applying valuable insights to enhance safety programs.

    Meet our pharmacovigilance team

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