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Career-driven and Home-based

Employees share their experiences working remotely alongside colleagues around the globe.

Many roles in the contract research organization (CRO) industry, can be home-based and managed remotely. Working from home can have its advantages and challenges, but it is the preferred option for some of PPD’s employees.

Dulce Carolina Zamora Diaz, clinical data associate located in Mexico, and Soledad Tasso, senior recruiter located in Argentina, share their experiences as home-based employees with PPD.

When did you join PPD and how long have you worked from home?

Diaz: I joined PPD in 2017 as a clinical data associate. I had been working remotely in my previous position, and was happy to continue to do so at PPD.

Soledad Tasso

Tasso: I have been working from home as a senior recruiter since joining PPD in May 2012.

What is your favorite thing about working from home?

Diaz: In Mexico City, the traffic can be very congested. By being home-based, I can use the time I would spend in the car far more productively.

Tasso: I get the opportunity to work for a large company, but live in the small city where I was born, near my family and friends. I love that my daughter can live near her grandparents and see them every day.

What challenges have you had to overcome in working remotely?

Diaz: I had to create rules for home, to make it clear that during working hours I cannot be disturbed.

Tasso: During busy periods, it can be difficult to stop work when you are at home. I created a work schedule for myself, similar to the schedule I would keep if I went in to an office every day, to overcome the temptation to work longer hours.

How does your supervisor support you working remotely?

Dulce Carolina Zamora Diaz

Diaz: My supervisor and colleagues are supportive of my working remotely and are happy to recommend tools or training to help me work effectively from home.

Tasso: My supervisor is in the U.S., so we are used to connecting remotely. Even when I first joined PPD and was an office-based employee, our interactions frequently took place over the phone or computer. Since it’s something that our company is well-equipped for, everyone is comfortable working together no matter where your office is based.

Can you describe your working environment?

Diaz: I have a separate room that functions as an office, where I have a desk with my computer, printer and everything I need to do my daily work.

Tasso: A bright room with a big window. The most important thing is that it’s a very quiet place, so that I can concentrate.

What advice would you give to someone starting a home-based position?

Diaz: Make sure that you create a working environment where you feel comfortable, but also ensure you have privacy and are free from distraction. Also, be certain to ask for any training or tools that you need to do your job effectively.

Tasso: I recommend implementing an organized work schedule. In my case, there are times when I may need to plan to complete an activity by the end of the working day, on other days I may “flex” my hours and work later than usual.

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