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Top 10 Ways You Make It Happen

PPD’s Cambridge office hosts an inspiring International Women’s Day celebration.

PPD employees were delighted to host members of the Association for Project Management (APM) for its You Make It Happen event and to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Cambridge, U.K., office.

Six remarkable women, including three PPD employees, were invited to speak about their individual achievements in their respective fields. Each woman shared stories about positive choices they have made and about their personal and professional journeys.

Denise Moody, senior director, project management, is an active member of the APM and coordinated the event. She welcomed guests and provided an engaging glimpse into the pharmaceutical industry, during which even the scientists in the group learned something new.  

As each speaker shared her unique — often funny — personal story, it was clear that success is not just about getting the top job. What is most important is to consider “what success looks like to you.” 

“Learn from what you do, take a risk and be brave,” said Elizabeth Madichie, executive director, regulatory affairs. “It might not be the right decision, it might not be what you expected, but these are your choices and you will find your own road to success.”

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Below are the 10 inspiring pieces of advice from the day:

  1. Seize the opportunity
  2. Challenge yourself, be yourself and believe in yourself
  3. Be respectful
  4. Identify your strengths and use them
  5. Determine what is important to you
  6. Listen to the right people
  7. Never think “What if?”
  8. Find out what inspires you
  9. Help, encourage and champion your colleagues
  10. Be kind to yourself

Julia James, deputy general counsel, chaired the event and beautifully summarized the theme of the speeches and added an extra piece of advice, “Be authentic, be proactive, be persuasive and don’t undervalue asking for and giving help!” 

 To learn more about PPD’s culture and values, take a look at our 5 Defining Principles.

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