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Seizing International Opportunities in Contract Research

Tyrone Pereira takes his CRA career global to help deliver life-changing therapies.

The clinical management team at PPD is responsible for the conduct of clinical trials. Clinical research associates (CRAs) travel to visit the medical staff at different hospitals and make sure patients are protected and data is correct. We spoke with Tyrone Pereira, to learn more about his day-to-day experience and how he built a career with PPD.

Everyone I spoke with in the contract research organization (CRO) industry mentioned that PPD is the best place to hone your skills as a CRA and to open doors to new career opportunities. I interviewed with many global CROs but PPD’s interview and testing process was the best. I couldn’t wait to start work with smart and like-minded people!

My career with PPD has spanned the globe. I spent two years as a CRA in the Mumbai, India, office and three years as a CRA in the Cambridge, U.K., office. Presently I am a senior CRA II in the Singapore office.

PPD has exposed me to some great training programs and I appreciate that they are not limited to entry-level or new hires. PPD has enabled me to apply my training in teamwork, communication, time management, planning and organization, analytical and problem-solving skills at work. I also can train in leadership and management skills, which apply to project goals and milestones in my personal life.

I have had the chance to hone my CRA skills and been able to conduct sign-off authorization visits, performance visits, provide mentoring and support to less experienced members of the project team. These core CRA skills have helped me in every country I have visited and have allowed me to showcase PPD CRAs as the great assets they are.

Moving through several different countries, becoming culturally literate, travelling to work in India, U.K., Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore are just a few of the exciting opportunities at PPD. Every city, every institute, every investigator has been a learning experience. At PPD, I have been challenged on every project, whether it is a Phase I first-in-man clinical trial or the data collection and patient retention area of a Phase IV study. At PPD there is an emphasis on the qualities of critical thinking and ethical understanding, as well as adaptability and attention to detail. My colleagues have helped me grow personally and have helped to make me a fair and environmentally conscious researcher. These are qualities that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Even though I am just one person within a huge organization, I come to work each day knowing that the results my team and I deliver, contribute daily to helping our customers deliver life-changing therapies.

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