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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

Gain insight from PPD recruiters on top tips for virtual interviewing.

Today, technology is so accessible that people can communicate worldwide easier than ever before. Due to this evolution, more and more companies are going global. PPD is no exception. With offices located in 46 countries, virtual communication is key to remaining game changers within the clinical trial industry. PPD takes advantage of improved communication technology, which allows recruiters to have in-depth, online discussions for job interviews and meetings.

PPD’s talent acquisition team relies heavily on phone and video interviewing to reach remote and global candidates. Here are five top tips for a successful video interview:

1. Watch your body language.

2. Vary your vocal delivery.

3. Minimize your distractions.

4. Prepare yourself.

5. Ready your technology and environment.

PPD’s relentless pursuit of excellence starts with our commitment to hiring the brightest minds across a diverse range of backgrounds. We believe succeeding in job interviews takes research, preparation and persistence. Our team wants to see the best you! We hope these tips and tricks will help you prepare for your video interview.

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