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PPD Laboratory services in Athlone Grows

PPD’s GMP lab in Athlone, Ireland expands with the addition of new lab space.

Our GMP lab in Athlone, Ireland, recently opened the doors of its new lab space, adding 6,000 square feet to the existing 41,000-square-feet facility.
The new expansion is driven by the need for space for biopharmaceutical testing. Additionally, gene and cell therapy analytical testing will also be conducted in the new facility space. The space will also support the growing need for biological testing.

The expansion enables the company to add quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) platforms for contaminant testing for biologics, a new capability for the Athlone location. Approximately 20 new staff members will also join the Athlone facility, part of PPD’s ongoing efforts to support the growing needs of clients.

Michelle Hand, senior recruiter, joined PPD at the Athlone location in 2018, at the height of the expansion. “For me, this was a brilliant time to join PPD and witness both management and laboratory staff excited for our new facility. Expansion within our biopharmaceutical group has been continuous, and I don’t see this changing – I’m excited to continue bringing in exceptional talent to the new expansion. Potential candidates should be motivated by the opportunity to work on new and cutting-edge technology in a fresh new facility,” she says. 

The Athlone GMP lab offers fully integrated solutions for pharmaceutical product development, including analytical testing services, stability testing, quality control and release testing. In addition to biologic testing, the laboratory is a market leader in the analysis of small molecule and inhalation products, as well as extractables and leachables testing.

“We are excited to accept applicants – from science graduates to experienced analytical chemists to laboratory supervisors,” said Michelle. “We have some exciting career events in the pipeline, so keep an on eye on us.”

To explore opportunities with PPD Laboratory services, please explore our career areas section.