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PPD careers during COVID-19: We are committed to our purpose of improving health, and we hold the health and safety of our candidates and employees as a top priority. In keeping within coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines, the majority of interviews for all locations have shifted to phone and video conferencing. Learn tips for a successful virtual interview.
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Have Courage and Tell Your Story

Senior human resources specialist Lindsay Cashin talks work opportunities as a military spouse and her time at PPD.

What is your job title and how long have you worked at PPD?

I currently serve as a senior human resources specialist for PPD. I began working at PPD back in July 2018 on a short-term contract assignment. Almost immediately I knew PPD was an organization I wanted to remain a part of.  From the purpose, mission and strategy to the culture as modelled by the Defining Principles in action, to me, PPD represents an organization that positively impacts the lives of others.

Tell us about your experience at Whole Vet back in May of 2018.

Attending the Whole Vet event as a military spouse was very helpful, both personally and professionally. Not only was the event both informative and instructive, but for an individual such as myself, who was just beginning a job search after taking many years off, it was encouraging.  After speaking with professionals from a variety of industries, I was encouraged that there are organizations, like PPD, that will embrace my professional and educational background and life experiences, and see beyond the titles/dates listed on a resume. I left that afternoon feeling confident that organizations are proactively seeking to employ not only transitioning servicemembers, but their spouses as well. Immediately in the days and weeks to come, I had many personal dialogues with individuals who wanted to share their tools and resources with me as I navigated my employment search. PPD was a part of that dialogue the entire time. 

Please share some details on your background—education, work experience and what motivated you to interview for the HR specialist opportunity with PPD?

I have always had a passion working with and for an organization’s most valuable resource—its people. A career in human resources provides a platform to serve others—to inspire and equip individuals to continually develop not only professionally, but personally as well. My master’s degree from New York University focused on interpersonal communications and the impact and influence these skills and behaviours have on organizational development. To serve in a role which directly influences the achievement of an organization’s strategic objective is rewarding on many levels. But most importantly, to serve on this amazing HR team and connect with my peers and colleagues around the globe who are all committed to serving as One HR allows for my passion of the profession to be exhibited daily in my interactions. 

What advice would you give to a military spouse interested in opportunities with PPD?

My advice to all military spouses would be to celebrate and embrace the experiences their military community and life events have provided them over the years. The ability to demonstrate one’s knowledge and skills can be exhibited beyond the walls of an office or cubicle and beyond the functions presented in a job description or previously held role. If you have not been employed for some time, I encourage you to share your story. Share what you have learned about yourself. Share how you have fostered positive relationships in the many dynamic, complex environments your military life has placed you in. Share how you have continually developed your skills and your emotional intelligence through both positive and negative times. I encourage all military spouses to review the current job opportunities and align your experiences and skills to one of the many roles. If there is nothing available parallel to your experience, be courageous and explore new paths. You may find a new passion. 

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