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Five Perks of Working as a Clinical Team Manager

Behind most clinical studies at PPD is a clinical team manager (CTM) paving the way and driving completion. While the CTM role carries great responsibility, we believe the rewards are even greater. Here, employees discuss the top five perks of working as a CTM.

1. CTMs get to play a vital role in the development of life-changing medical advancements.

Though the position requires consistent dedication and hours of strategic planning, CTMs know that a patient’s quality of life may soon be improved because of their hard work.

According to Temi Yiadom, principal CTM at PPD, the best part is the teamwork: “The greatest reward that comes with being a CTM is working alongside my team to achieve the common goal of changing a patient’s life by bringing necessary medicines to market. We get to see the full life-cycle of the drug from start to finish.”

2. They are trusted by their team and their clients.

Because CTMs typically have abundant clinical knowledge and an extensive background in the field, they are a trusted resource to not only their team, but also our clients. Senior CTM Dana Wright loves that the role allows her to accommodate the clients while also leading her team. 

“As a CTM, I get to be right in the hub of all the activity. Not only do I get to mentor the CRAs, but I also get to guide our clients and help them identify the obstacles ahead of time so that the outcome is more successful,” says Dana.

3. They gain a broadened perspective of the CRO industry.

While clinical knowledge and monitoring experience is a huge part of the role, CTMs must also be cognizant of the financial aspects of clinical research, and they must know how to manage the client’s resources according to their budget.

According to Dana Wright: “Going from a travelling CRA role that was strictly clinically focused to a CTM role was an adjustment, but I now have a keen understanding of the business side of clinical research in addition to my clinical knowledge. Now, with a broader perspective, I’m satisfied in my role and I wouldn’t want to be in any other position within the organization at this time.”

4. Their work represents the entire organization.

The day-to-day of a CTM involves corresponding with many: clients, vendors, medical staff and teammates. Consequently, the company’s reputation reflects the quality of service they provide.

“I genuinely enjoy managing projects and completing deliverables,” says Wanda Myles, principal CTM. “But to me, being able to represent PPD with stellar performance and top-notch customer service gives me the most fulfillment and a notable sense of accomplishment.”

5. The CTM role provides progressive learning opportunities.

Every clinical trial comes with its own unique challenges, perplexing even the most experienced CTMs.

For CTM Trinity Jones, challenges are simply rewards in disguise as they often lead to an expansion of knowledge. “The CRO industry is constantly evolving, allowing me to learn something new every day,” says Trinity. “Our role allows us to be a part of something greater, and as we expand our knowledge and learn about futuristic medical advancements, we too have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves.”

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