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A Personal Connection to the Cause

Colleagues around the globe use their passion to support their communities and each other.

At PPD, our philanthropy program is aligned with our purpose of improving health. This approach gives our employees the chance to connect to patients, outside of their day-to-day work, and build connections within their communities. In the stories below, our colleagues were able to step away from their day-to-day work in order to volunteer put their effort and passion behind oncology-related causes. 

Employees in the Bellshill, U.K., honored their colleague and friend, who, recently lost their battle with bowel cancer, by supporting Bowel Cancer U.K.

“PPD’s primary purpose as a company is to improve patient health and oncology research in particular remains a large part of PPD’s portfolio of work,” says Craig McIlloney, vice president of global biostatistics and programming. “This year the impact of bowel cancer has had a very personal aspect to it for many in the Bellshill building. It was very inspiring to have so many people present as we made a donation to Bowel Cancer U.K., an organization that provides valuable research and support to all those impacted by bowel cancer on a daily basis.”

The entire office joined together for an office visit from the Bowel Cancer U.K. staff, who met with team members to educate, build awareness and reflect on the importance of what PPD does. The event resonated on many levels with colleagues.

“I thought the way this event was approached and handled was excellent given that it is a topic that is very close to home for many of us who work here,” notes Allison Smith, group manager of data management. “I feel very privileged to work for a company that cares about the work we do and about supporting this very worthy charity.”

“Today has been a special opportunity for PPD Bellshill to honor the memory of our lovely colleague. It’s also been a chance to reflect on the importance of our role at PPD in advancing cancer treatments and improving patient lives,” Pauline Firth, executive director of project management, said.

Our Morrisville, N.C. office embodies our purpose of improving health. Employees recently celebrated breast cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers at a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, where they volunteered as race marshals and cheered participants with signs, pompoms and cowbells.

“It was great to meet new colleagues and join together for a good cause,” shared Dayle Cohen, senior director of medical writing. “Like so many people, I have a loved one who has fought breast cancer, so this matters to me personally and I’m proud to support every step toward a cure.”

Colleagues in Bogota, Colombia, supported the organization of Liga Colombiana Contra el Cancer, whose mission is to provide medical treatment and support for women with breast cancer. PPD team members learned firsthand from a survivor about the impact La Liga has made, including with a program that provides prothesis to women who cannot afford treatment. The result was 12 very appreciative women who received meaningful support through PPD’s donation.

Employees in Manila, Philippines, turned their focus to helping pediatric oncology patients celebrate life. They partnered with the Kythe Foundation, whose mission is to provide a positive hospital environment for children with chronic illnesses. Twenty PPD team members threw a party for 40 young patients, which included party games and favors for each child.  Through events like this, the Kythe Foundation has been able to improve the survival rate at three hospitals they work with.

Team members in Middleton, Wisconsin, continued their annual participation in the Mama Goose Memorial Run/Walk to raise funds to donate to cancer research that focuses on food, drugs, and other agents that can be used to prevent or delay the onset of cancer. The Mama Goose Run holds special significance for PPD employees in Middleton. It’s organized by our colleague, Kari Giesfeldt and is named after her mother in law, Peggy “Mama Goose” Giesfeldt. Peggy died in 2009 after a seven-year battle with sarcoma.

The Bluebell, Pennsylvania team supported the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, whose mission it is to foster and sustain greater levels of coordinated action, information exchange, education and learning and collaboration.

To learn more about the culture of PPD and the work we do inside and outside of the office, visit our careers site.