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Taking our Purpose to New Heights

Beijing colleagues work with children to help their creativity soar.

Leukemia is one of the major diseases that endangers children’s health. With the development of effective treatments, however, leukemia is no longer an incurable disease. That’s what keeps our PPD colleagues going every day, as we work toward our purpose of improving health.

Our colleagues in Beijing feel deeply connected to PPD’s purpose, which is demonstrated through their daily work. This year, these PPD employees found a new way to demonstrate their commitment through a partnership with the China Children and Teenager Fund.

Through this relationship, PPD employees were able to contribute to a day of learning and love, spent at a local hospital, helping its young patients build kites. The Beijing team visited children at the local hospital to help them paint colorful kites and spent time with the patients reading books. Also gave them prizes after completing beautiful kites.

“We went to hospital to visit the children diagnosed with leukemia,” says Zijing Wang, executive assistant. “The classroom where we set up was not big, even a little crowded, but more and more children kept joining the classroom. This was a very special time for the children. They wanted to spend time with us and to participate in class like normal kids at school.”

The China Children and Teenager Fund established the Summer Fund, which provides charitable aid to poor children with leukemia through social fundraising. In its first two years, the fund helped save 33 children and helped 600 more. The fund also works on drawing the public’s attention to the cause for children with leukemia and enables the public to learn about the diagnosis and treatment.

“Our goal in spending time with the children was to deliver love and passion to them, to warm up their hearts and fill them with hope,” says Zijing. “Some of children asked us, ‘Why drawing kites when we cannot even go out to fly the kites?’ Our answer was, ‘When you recover and leave the hospital, then you’ll be able to fly the kite as high as you can.’ That is the hope and faith we want to deliver to them.”

According to the China Children and Teenager Fund’s website, 80 to 90%of children with leukemia can be relieved through chemotherapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and other treatment measures, and 60 to 70%of the children can be cured. Our employees are eager to find way to keep hope alive for families with their passion and commitment inside and outside the walls of PPD.

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