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Global Internships – PPD’s Investment in Students

At PPD, there are a wide variety of internship programs available to students seeking meaningful career experiences.

Internship programs are an excellent way for undergraduate and graduate students to obtain valuable work experience while also building integral relationships with professionals in their field of study. At PPD, there are a wide variety of internship programs available to students seeking meaningful career experiences. In this article, past and present interns reflect on their unique PPD internships and described the impact on their journey to a meaningful career.


PPD’s clinical internship program is geared toward students enrolled in a clinical research degree program. The goal of this internship program is to give students real-life job experience working on actual PPD projects that have an impact on the business. In addition to department-specific short- and long-term projects, clinical interns also engage in networking, workshops and social engagement opportunities to round out their experience. Through mentorship, job shadowing and internal exploration, many interns chose to pursue full-time opportunities at PPD in an area that aligns most closely with their future career goals.

Brittany Jaramillo, PPD Intern

Brittany Jaramillo (pictured) says her clinical internship experience strengthened her professional connections in the clinical research field: “PPD has provided me with the skills and experience needed to prosper in any position in the industry. I have had ample opportunity to meet many wonderful, influential colleagues who have helped guide my interests in clinical research.” Brittany’s internship experience was so successful that she has since transitioned into a full-time country approval associate role with PPD!


PPD’s exciting new summer corporate internship program is in its first year. This program offers students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a fast-growing company, learn the business of pharmaceutical development and understand what it’s like to work at PPD. Like the clinical program, interns in this track work on real projects, while also having the chance to attend resume workshops and unique mentorship opportunities that prepare them for a future career at PPD.

Ryan Hinn, PPD Intern

Ryan Hinn, an intern in human resources (pictured), notes the“very welcoming atmosphere with abundant learning opportunities and a fantastic work culture” he has experienced during his time with PPD. It’s this welcoming environment that so many of our interns highlight as a positive aspect of PPD’s internship program. In addition to this, Ryan also mentions that he has “received great mentorship and real-world business experience” during his time in this program.

Alicia Lindsay, PPD talent acquisition program specialist, leads the corporate and clinical internship programs where she provides opportunities for students to network and shadow with corporate teams and develop their skills in a specific functional area. These internship features offer the opportunity to learn from someone with years of experience in their given field.


Opportunities for students to intern and start their career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has increased over the years and includes opportunities at PPD. As a contract research organization, we provide clients extensive laboratory services across North America, Europe and Asia. Our labs provide different internships globally for students to gain knowledge in analytical bench work, medical technology, biological testing, GMP (good manufacturing practices) and bioanalytical industry experience.

Kaitlyn Cummings, a cellular lab intern with PPD® Laboratories GMP lab in Middleton, Wisconsin, U.S., says: “I had the opportunity to shadow a variety of labs and techniques like qPCR and gel electrophoresis. I appreciated that my supervisors gave me the freedom to improve the method and try different additions to the experiment.”

Linda Carty, PPD Intern

Another student who was able to secure a full-time role after her internship concluded is Linda Carty, an assistant scientist (pictured) in the PPD Laboratories GMP lab in Athlone, Ireland. Linda was an intern there and as a result of her outstanding performance, PPD offered her a permanent position, where she continues to be developed and challenged at the forefront of today’s biopharmaceutical science. Linda says, “The skills I gained during the internship, that have been further developed during my time at PPD, have been invaluable to me as an analyst here.” PPD Laboratories is committed to providing students with industry experience, professional development and career path exploration through our global laboratory internship program.

The contract research industry offers a wide variety of career and internship opportunities globally. In today’s world where technology keeps us only a click away from others across the country or ocean, gaining global experience while interning sets students up for success.

Whether you are PPD’s next finance guru, leading scientist or world-traveling clinical research associate, there are internship opportunities for virtually any student. Visit our career site to learn more about the internship opportunities we have available across our global locations.