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PPD careers during COVID-19: We are committed to our purpose of improving health, and we hold the health and safety of our candidates and employees as a top priority. In keeping within coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines, the majority of interviews for all locations have shifted to phone and video conferencing. Learn tips for a successful virtual interview.


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Growing up with PPD

This is an interview with Erica Jones who has excelled at PPD for almost 20 years. She enjoys the benefits of training and development programs at PPD. Through her role as a people manager, she now helps other employees chart their own career paths. Erica is driven every day by the company’s purpose to improve health.

Erica Jones, Director of Project Management Delivery

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with PPD.

I am Erica Jones, director, project management (PM) – delivery, and I’ve been with PPD for around 18 years. I’ve literally “grown up” at PPD starting my career as a research assistant, learning the company from the ground floor up. I continued to excel in roles with increasing responsibility in clinical monitoring, PM-delivery, oversight director and now as a dedicated people manager for PM-delivery.  As a people manager, I have the opportunity to train, mentor and coach project managers around the world, which I thoroughly enjoy.  

Why did you choose to work with PPD and how did you come to work in your specific therapeutic area?

I started at PPD in 1999 and left for three years to explore other career endeavors in the field of clinical research. During my time away, I was able to appreciate PPD’s focus on training and building research professionals which is like no other I’ve found in the industry.  Although I have experience in several therapeutic indications, my main focus over the last decade has been in metabolic diseases. This area is close to my heart as metabolic diseases have impacted my family and others within my community. I wanted to be a part of the ongoing education, pathway to a cure and better quality of life for those patients.

Erica with other people managers from the Project Delivery group. (Left to Right: Lauren Scarboro, Sherri Hinton, Ingeborg De Leenheer (Belgium), Debra Graham, Erica Jones) *Disclaimer: This image was taken prior to COVID-19.

Why do you enjoy working for PPD and the Project Delivery career area?

PPD’s approach to strengthen our business is a focus on our most valuable asset which is our employees. PPD continues to renew a commitment to the growth and development of each employee. Not just looking at where the employee is, but also where they could be. I’m a part of a team that looks for innovative ways to train, support and celebrate successes as we watch our project managers excel. I’ve had some great mentors and career advocates along the way, and I wanted to be a part of that as a dedicated people manager.

What training, support and development have you come to enjoy at PPD?

PPD has ensured ongoing training from the start of my career. Not just providing the training but also creating a platform where I can pursue training via my own avenues. From the initial Project Delivery Onboarding training (where I serve as a facilitator), online therapeutic training, Skillsoft Training Portal, Lead to Succeed for People Managers, leadership training and development and even the ability to attend global conferences.

Erica with her husband and children.

How would you describe PPD and the project management (PM) delivery team to a person interested in joining us?

Overall, PPD promotes an atmosphere of career mobility that has allowed me to explore career options internally and continuously expand my skills and knowledge. Within PM-delivery we rely on each other to work cohesively as one team, no matter the department. The ultimate goal is to continue to help our clients deliver life-changing therapies and devices while investing in the best talent in the industry. I would say to anyone interested in joining PPD to “Come Grow with Us.”

To learn more about PPD’s project delivery team and available opportunities across the globe, visit  PPD Careers: Project Delivery.