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Top Reasons to Join PPD’s Clinical Data Management Team

North American CDM team representatives attend the 2019 Annual SCDM Conference.

PPD’s clinical data management (CDM) team maximizes the quality and integrity of patient data delivery to support protocol requirements. Ensuring processes are in place for all patient data sources, we identify critical risks, design data-capture systems and data-collection processes and minimize errors. Here, we do work that helps save lives, and you can do the same!  Here are the top reasons to join our CDM team:

1. Career development and training

Career development and internal advancement are significant aspects of the CDM team. The training provided, coupled with manager guidance and support fosters growth within this team.

“Our executive leadership actively works to promote employees from within and are continuously improving employee engagement and recognition,” said Susan Green, associate director of CDM in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mikhail Marchenko

This strong leadership is what allows employees to become more engaged and succeed long term.

Mikhail Marchenko, clinical data team lead, of Morrisville, North Carolina says his “growth has been fostered by excellent training provided by PPD, as well as study and people managers who always look out for you, and provide you with all the necessary guidance and support in order to succeed.”

This solid foundation of training, alongside managers who look out for your best interests, are what make PPD’s CDM team so successful. Susan feels strongly there is a genuine desire to not only listen, but to act as well.

2. Goal setting and employee recognition

PPD’s CDM team encourages employees to set both short- and long-term goals to continue their career growth. It is with these goals in mind, that employees have the opportunity to receive well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments.

Chris Scott

Chris Scott, director of CDM in Morrisville, North Carolina believes that “one of the most important aspects of working within PPD’s CDM is the continuous recognition you receive for a job well done.”

“There were many conversations as to what my long-term career goals were, and the team worked to ensure I was provided opportunities to help me achieve those goals,” said Susan.

This goal-setting mindset is one that Susan has taken to her own role as an associate director.

Susan Green

“As an associate director with line management responsibilities, I have taken the lead by encouraging my own team to be vocal about their career and the direction they want to take,” said Susan.

Through being recognized for their accomplishments, PPD’s CDM continues to become a more closely-knit team that celebrates each other’s accomplishments and milestones.

3. Teamwork, ‘One PPD’

The “one PPD” mentality is one that is clear and evident in all aspects of PPD’s CDM. Many employees in clinical data management note the positive relationships and teamwork that are continuously grown within this team.

“We are ‘one PPD’ – this is true not only in words, but in actions and relationships. PPD’s data management team feels like family to me,” said Susan.

Azmat Kirmani

Senior clinical data team lead, Azmat Kirmani, of Ireland said there is an apparent sense of togetherness in this group.

“PPD as an organization gives the feel of oneness. It seems to have achieved that camaraderie of a village, where everyone strives to work together while being the global leader that it is. Many other organizations try hard to reach to that point but the ‘one PPD’ is truly visible here,” Azmat explained.

The value of teamwork is of great importance in this group. They strive to lift each other up and always offer a helping hand.

“I value the opportunity I have to work with so many people who understand the concept of teamwork,” said Chris, acknowledging the importance of the group effort.

Sushma Annamraju

The collective group effort is further evident in CDM through how diverse groups of people collaborate to achieve their goals.

“You have an abundance of diversity in PPD, everyone works like the hands of a clock. This is a well-coordinated team, irrespective of being located in different parts of the globe,” said associate clinical data team lead Sushma Annamraju of Morrisville, North Carolina.

Dallas Currence

Sushma also notes the crucial importance of the work-life balance at PPD, saying it never felt stressful to find a balance between family and work.

Senior CDM project manager, Dallas Currence, of Wilmington, North Carolina echoes this same sentiment, saying, “I have been with PPD for over 13 years, due to the support provided to me by management and overall flexibility when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance of work and personal life.”

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