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PPD careers during COVID-19: We are committed to our purpose of improving health, and we hold the health and safety of our candidates and employees as a top priority. In keeping within coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines, the majority of interviews for all locations have shifted to phone and video conferencing. Learn tips for a successful virtual interview and virtual networking.

Top Tips for Virtual Networking

Networking is a skill that professionals are repeatedly told to develop, but how do you network when you are applying to jobs in non-local areas or working remotely? Well, the answer is at the tips of your fingers: leverage your social-professional networks. These allow you to create your own profile, search for jobs and network with other professionals. LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor are great examples of networks to consider joining.

Here are the top tips for virtual networking from PPD’s talent acquisition team.

1. Create and update your profile.

To network virtually, you must first create profiles on social-professional networks of your choice and keep your profiles up to date. Whether you are creating a new profile or maintaining the ones you have, keep these points in mind:

PRO TIP: View your profile from the public eye. Does it portray you in the way you were hoping? Consider adjusting privacy settings for various fields so that you’re highlighting your best professional self.

Nick White

“To be effective in virtual networking, you have to go beyond creating your profile and actively use it,” says Nick White, associate recruiter, which brings us to our second tip.

2. Develop your network.

Now that you’ve established your account(s), follow these steps to interact with other professionals on the social-professional network of your choice:

Tara Jones

Tara Jones, associate director in talent acquisition, says, “Engagement is key to a meaningful network. So, ask questions, seek advice, respond to your network and be sure to share content that has helped you.”

PRO TIP: Send a personal message with your friend request. Thank them for speaking at a recent seminar or for their time during an interview. Explain your role and why you would like to connect.

3. Attend virtual events and join groups.    

Taking this step will allow you to meet other professionals with similar skillsets and interests. When you join online career fairs, networking events and professional groups, be mindful of these points:

Susan Harrington

“If you follow companies that you are interested in, you will be notified when they are hosting an upcoming event,” explains Susan Harrington, senior human resources (HR) program specialist.

She also recommends staying active on these platforms because you will see posts about events and groups that you can join.

PRO TIP: Share your experience and positive feedback. Tag speakers and thank them publicly, citing the knowledge you gained from the event.

Virtual networking doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Following the above tips are excellent steps to build and reap the benefits offered by your online network community. The more you engage, the more familiar the platforms will become to you and the larger your network will become.

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