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WEN Mentorship Program: One Story of Success

As PPD’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) grow and develop, each has a strong focus on providing connection and tailored tools to assist in career development. PPD’s Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) focuses on building strong relationships through guest speaker series, book clubs, coffee chats and its largest endeavor to date: a mentorship program. 

Vanessa Lache, associate manager of talent acquisition, and Lynn Kealey, vice president of talent acquisition, meet for one of their “coffee chats.”

PPD drives a culture where individual employees own their careers and development while strong, well-rounded leaders offer guidance and direction.

Launched in 2020 and still growing, we have nearly 1,000 employees enrolled as mentors or mentees in the WEN program. WEN has enabled employees to build connections “across the pond”—one of them is the relationship built between Vanessa Lache, associate manager of talent acquisition in Richmond, Virginia, U.S., and Lynn Kealey, vice president of global talent acquisition, in Cambridge, U.K. Both Vanessa and Lynn have benefited from the mentorship relationship.

“Lynn’s guidance quickly helped me take ownership of my career and hone the key skills of a leader,” Vanessa said. “I applied what we discussed during our meetings into my daily work as an associate recruiter or WEN co-lead, and I started getting involved in projects that were outside my scope of work. As a successful and empathetic leader, Lynn has empowered me to leverage my strengths, focus on areas of improvement and, most importantly, be confident, which led me to seizing the opportunity to become an associate manager.”

Similarly, Lynn explained how she has enjoyed the relationship. “When the opportunity came up to mentor via PPD’s WEN group, I felt this was my chance to share what I have learned over the past few years and hopefully support someone else’s career growth,” she said. “When Vanessa approached me, I was both flattered and excited as she was someone looking for personal and professional development and has great drive and tons of enthusiasm! I really look forward to our regular ‘coffee chats’ that cover all sorts of topics. I’m so pleased and proud of Vanessa for her recent promotion and look forward to being her mentor on the next step of her career journey at PPD.”

Thanks to invaluable contributions from PPD leaders like Lynn and fellow professionals across the business, BRG mentoring programs and the employees who take part in them continue to flourish. Stay tuned for a closer look into the Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) and Pride (LGBT+) BRG mentorships!

If you are interested in learning more about how BRGs play a vital role in PPD’s culture of inclusivity and positively impact our business, visit: