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BOLD: A Safe Space for All Voices to Be Heard

BOLD, the Black Organization for Leadership Development, is one of PPD’s most active business resource groups (BRG).

The Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) encourages and provides Black colleagues and allies with an engaging, collaborative and informational forum, while cultivating an empowering environment that focuses on promoting career advancement and professional and personal development. BOLD’s four main objectives are education, professional development, community awareness and allyship.

Arianna Adams, talent acquisition coordinator
Arianna Adams, talent acquisition coordinator

Since its inception in the summer of 2020, BOLD has caught the attention of thousands of PPD colleagues, whether by receiving support through the organization or offering support as an ally. Starting from within, PPD is fostering an environment for greater racial equity and justice, as well as educating allies on the Black experience. Members of BOLD believe that by starting small, their impact will be huge.

BOLD’s mission is driven through events such as safe space conversations, a Juneteenth celebration and a Homecoming celebration, which included our Black History Month series showcasing historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) on Yammer, PPD’s internal social media platform for global colleagues.

BOLD’s monthly safe space conversations have been a highlight for Arianna Adams, talent acquisition coordinator. “The safe spaces have created an opportunity to discuss topics that affect the Black community as well as people individually. It’s a great avenue to feel heard and share ideas among other colleagues. Every BOLD event reinforces the feeling and the need for community in a remote working environment,” Arianna says.

Lisa Mondie, associate director of operations, medical communications
Lisa Mondie, associate director of operations, medical communications

As we enter a new year, BOLD will continue to build on its strong foundation, and we are excited to see what this BRG can accomplish in 2022.

Lisa Mondie, associate director of operations, medical communications, reflects back on the previous year: “2021 was a great year for BOLD. We had so many fun and exciting speakers and celebrations of culture, history and awareness. I look forward to carrying all those things into 2022 along with a strong focus on leadership development. Of course, we look forward to partnering with our newest colleagues, as PPD is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, to further strengthen our position. This year will be full of new ideas and areas to explore.”

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