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Set up for Success: Clinician to CRA Program

PPD’s Clinician to Clinical Research Associate (CRA) program is designed for experienced clinicians who wish to establish a career in clinical research.

What is the Clinician to CRA program?

Danielle Khan-Blackwell

“The Clinician to CRA program is designed for clinicians looking to make a career change to the CRA role, helping them to bridge the gap to understand the role and foundation of basic clinical research,” said Danielle Khan-Blackwell, associate director of clinical operations.

“We created the program to provide RNs, FNPs, PAs, MDs, PharmDs and other clinicians a pathway into clinical research,” says Debra Brinkofski, who transitioned in her career from a trauma-critical care RN to CRA to now the executive director of clinical operations.

Brooke Ragone

How has your clinical experience prepared you for a career in clinical research?

“As a former trauma-critical care nurse, I found that my years working as a clinician provided me the skills and expertise that enabled me to make a smooth transition into clinical research. The therapeutic expertise and critical thinking skills developed in the health care field are invaluable to what we do in clinical research,” said Debra.

“The program enabled me to make use of my nursing background and apply it to my new role in monitoring. I feel prepared and confident moving forward,” said Brooke Ragone, CRA II and recent Clinician to CRA program graduate.

Debra Brinkofski

How is the Clinician to CRA program game-changing in the CRO (contract research organization) industry?

“We have developed a targeted curriculum that bridges clinician experience with the knowledge essential for a career path in clinical research. This also enables Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PPD clinical research business to be a game-changer in the industry in bringing this valuable expertise into our organization,” shared Debra.

Patricia Lopez

“This program taps into our critical thinking skills and teaches us how to apply them in a clinical monitoring setting. The program first introduces us to the fundamentals of clinical research, and then it prepares us for the CRA Academy. The dedicated program team and time spent in this two-step format are unique and game-changing, setting us up for success,” said Patricia Lopez, CRA II and Clinician to CRA program graduate.

For those looking to make the leap, our award-winning team is dedicated to setting you up for a successful career path in clinical research. Apply for the Clinician to CRA program and receive robust, customized training to develop clinical monitoring skills.

Visit our careers site to explore Clinician to CRA program opportunities.