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Dionne Chandler

Clinical Team Manager (CTM)

Bedford, Ohio, U.S.

We asked our returning colleagues about their journey back to PPD, and this is what Dionne had to share!

Did you rejoin PPD in a new position/function since your last position with us, or did you return to the same group?

I started in a new position when I returned.

What made you return to PPD?

My first experience with PPD was very positive. The work/life balance, training and career development resources made it an easy decision.

How did you reach PPD to express an interest in opportunities?

One of PPD’s senior recruiters reached out to me.

Are there any new skills you brought back to the team?

Yes, I became knowledgeable in Microsoft Teams and more versed in using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets while I was away.

Did you miss anything about PPD?

I missed the teamwork.

How have you found the experience of returning to PPD? 

My return to PPD has been a whirlwind, but a positive experience.  I am gaining tons of knowledge and experience in my new role.

What do you enjoy about your current position?

I enjoy knowing that every day is different. I also enjoy being able to help my team think outside of the box to tackle and resolve study issues.

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