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Elizabete Ciparsone

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Glasgow, Scotland

We asked our returning colleagues about their journey back to PPD, and this is what Elizabete had to share!

Did you rejoin PPD in a new position/function since your last position with us, or did you return to the same group?

I had an internship as a project assistant with PPD during the summer of 2019, and I returned to PPD as a clinical trial coordinator in March 2020.

What made you return to PPD?

As I got to know the colleagues at PPD and the various systems and processes involved in the management of clinical trials during my internship, I realized this was what I wanted to do after graduating from university.

How have you found the experience of returning to PPD?

The return to PPD for me was easy and seamless. However, since my first day back was also the first day of lockdown in U.K., it came with its own set of challenges. There was so much support available from both internal and clinical teams though, so I never felt forgotten about as we all got used to working from home. Since then, I have been able to progress my career and become a clinical research associate (CRA) and visit clinical trial sites in person.

What do you enjoy about your current position?

I really enjoy building relationships with site clinical teams and the results that a successful collaboration bring.

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