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Our clinical monitoring team ensures the highest quality review of data and effective interaction with sites via both remote and on-site monitoring throughout a study. Our focus is on innovation, continuous data review and risk-based quality management principles with on-site and remote roles. As a member of our team, you will experience:

  • Enhanced career opportunities, with broader experience across the study life cycle and a deeper understanding of sites, as well as opportunities for experienced colleagues to demonstrate leadership and management skills
  • Work-life balance with reduced travelling for on-site roles
  • Usage of advanced data analytics tools and technology to equip you in your role


Our clinical research associates (CRAs), remote site monitors (RSMs), clinical trial coordinators (CTCs) and client-dedicated teams oversee the protocol conduct and efficacy of treatments during trials. We support the logistics and organization of clinical sites — ensuring that patients receive needed care, as well as identifying and treating clinical trial participants.



PPD, a leader in introducing risk-based monitoring into all studies, uses data analytics to continually assess processes throughout our sites. We have earned top industry rankings in technology and lab services.


Our leadership in all therapeutic areas of clinical research provides you with opportunities in a variety of projects and exposure to a range of therapeutic areas. The clinical monitoring team works with many groups within PPD to ensure the oversight of data quality and integrity.


Given our scope and the complexity of our clients’ trials, you will have many opportunities to move and grow across our organization. Currently, more than 1,000 employees benefit from flexible promotions, in addition to those during regular promotion cycles, over the course of the year. You’ll acquire vital knowledge and hone important professional skills. You'll learn about developing therapies and medicines for patients in need, managing information and navigating the health care system.


Work for a global organization without leaving your ideal location. PPD is dedicated to supporting and fostering work-life balance and flexibility. Whether you’re working remotely, at clinical sites or in-house, PPD’s management teams nurture your internal connections.


Every person on our team works with our systems and communicates with the central project team and many colleagues in various departments.

Clinical Research Associate

Our team of CRAs have both on-site and remote positions, which provides an opportunity to gain experience across the full study life cycle and a deeper understanding of sites. As part of our traveling team of clinical research associates, you will visit medical staff at different sites, checking the documentation and process quality at each site to ensure patients are protected and that data are correct. The travelling roles are geographically aligned for better work-life balance. As a remote CRA, you will have the opportunity to use your therapeutic expertise and to be involved in site management while working remotely with project team members and relevant stakeholders. Our CRAs work closely with our sites and study teams to ensure quality study data, and that the quality of our work can withstand scrutiny. You probe data, inspect root causes of any issues, seek clarification, develop a clear plan of action and communicate internally and externally. To CRAs of all levels, PPD offers CRA Drive, a continuous training program with flexible promotions and varied career opportunities within a team-based model.

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Assistant Clinical Research Associate

In this challenging role within the CRA career ladder, you will provide support for monitoring activities on assigned projects in accordance with federal, local, industry and corporate regulations, guidelines and procedures. You will support site management and remote monitoring activities from the time of site initiation through study closeout, including site preparedness, reconciliation of data and other aspects of site management and remote monitoring. You will contact study sites to collect study documentation, proactively seek customers’ perspectives, anticipate needs, identify root causes and resolve issues. You will be empowered to make decisions for the good of PPD and our clients and trusted to freely share information and resources as part of a wider project team. Our continuous training program for clinical researchers, CRA Drive, provides access to development resources for further progression into on-site or remote CRA roles.

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Clinical Trial Coordinator

As a clinical trial coordinator, you will handle clinical monitoring documentation — confirming that the correct documents are where they should be. You provide administrative and technical support to your project team for site activation activities and ongoing study life cycle, perform PPD investigator file reviews, draft meeting minutes, prepare communications to sites, process regulatory documents, perform clinical trial management system data entry, update vendor trackers and maintain data repositories. If you aspire to the CRA role, you may access training and development resources through CRA Drive, our continuous training program for clinical researchers.

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Client-dedicated Staff

Work exclusively for one of our strategic pharmaceutical partners to collaborate with the client’s teams, systems and processes on behalf of PPD. As part of our functional service provider (FSP) team, you will interact directly with clients. You might be fully integrated into a client’s team, systems and processes, working to their way of delivering projects. Or you might be placed on an FSP project, to which you’ll contribute to meeting the client’s needs and to the wider FSP group. In all instances, you will be customer-focused and represent PPD, in addition to receiving our support and management.


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