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Temporary Contract Positions

Are you interested in a short-term project or want to test out the culture at PPD? Explore our temporary contract opportunities in PPD’s clinical, business or lab areas. This will provide you an opportunity to learn more about the clinical research industry and discover how you can be a part of drug development, which helps to deliver life-changing therapies.


Gain valuable experience

As a leading global contract research organization providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory and lifecycle management service, you will be able to learn for PPD colleagues in your assigned area and be exposed to other functions across your department and organization, gain experience across projects, and strengthen your solid communications and relationship-building skills.

Pathway to Opportunities with PPD

Many of our temporary contract workers transition to permanent positions, however, there is no guarantee of a permanent position following the conclusion of a contract. Temporary contract workers are able to confirm the role and company is a fit for both themselves and for PPD. In addition, numerous temporary contract workers also are reassigned to other teams/groups based on PPDs’ positive experience with a contract worker.

Help Deliver Life Changing Therapies

Even as a temporary contract worker at PPD, you are a vital link between an idea for a new medicine and the people who need it. Whether you are a business, clinical research or laboratory professional, you will be connected to thousands of individuals in locations worldwide as ‘one PPD’ and to our purpose: to improve health.


PPD is an established corporation with success forged through superior quality and sound, ethical practices. As part of our team, you will use best-in-class technologies and build broad exposure to our business and the clinical research industry. The pace is brisk, and the challenges are exciting.



If you are a clinical research associate (CRA) or a clinical professional (i.e. medical writer, biometrics) committed to being a part of industry-leading drug development, consider a contract position with PPD. The clinical contractor typically has a low volume of studies and you will know your work makes an impact on helping to improve health. PPD makes it easy for you to work as a temporary contractor. We’re highly regarded for quality and offer an organized work environment , along with the necessary support and resources to enable you to excel in your assignment.

Business Professional

PPD offers a variety of rewarding contract roles for business professionals, and you don’t have to have a clinical or life sciences background to make a difference. From marketing, to human resources, to IT; our business professionals play an important role in all our industry-leading efforts. Our business professional contract roles provide a great gateway to experiencing the business side of the clinical trial industry, as well as an ideal foundation for career development.

PPD® Laboratories

If you have experience working in a laboratory or have an interest in getting into a lab setting, you might consider our contract lab opportunities. This offers a unique opportunity to be hands on in developing new products. You will have opportunities with and exposure to PPD’s clients and partners, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. The teams at PPD® Laboratories work to offer the most comprehensive set of laboratory services available in the industry. In the past five years, our scientists have completed more than 17,000 pharmaceutical development projects and worked with more than 8,000 different compounds.

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