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Enhancing Site Selection and Enrollment

“PPD has rich data sources, expansive geographic reach and effective site selection processes. More importantly, we have the experience to leverage these assets to plan and execute your development programs efficiently.

Engage with PPD early, and we’ll expertly guide study design by quantifying expected trial performance based on a finely tuned protocol while mitigating the need for protocol amendments.”


You want the best-performing sites with a patient population representative of your target market. You want experienced staff, down to the site level. And, you want complete data to inform early decisions.

These aspects of site selection and enrollment are often promised, but are they attainable? Yes. They’re possible with PPD.

Going beyond traditional CRO-site models, PPD leverages the sites it owns and the PPD Select network, our top highest-performing sites based on past performance. PPD Select sites leverage streamlined feasibility processes to achieve 30% faster startup, while our Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES) sites achieve 2x faster enrollment than industry average.


Achieving enrollment 2x faster than the industry average

PPD Select: High-performance sites based on recruitment and quality

Managed site solutions extending to 180+ sites across 17 countries

Global Phase I site network of 30+ sites in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific


Data are the currency of clinical trials. The better the data, the more precisely you can plan, budget and execute.

Not relegated to a single source, PPD leverages de-identified, pre-identified and fully identified patient data to determine feasibility and accurately predict true enrollment.

Looking beyond your own trial’s footprint, PPD evaluates local competitive environments to identify concurrent trials, epidemiologic trends and other key determinants of recruitment success in each geographic region.

When it’s time to scale up, PPD’s site network — and site-level infrastructure — is built for immediacy and flexibility globally.

Partner With PPD

PPD can enroll more patients at fewer sites, while also ensuring a demographically rich subject base. While strengthening site onboarding and contracting consistency, PPD’s centralized trial oversight will reinforce data and process harmony.

If you are developing a protocol, it’s time to reach out to PPD. Holistic strategies enable PPD to assess and enhance site selection and recruitment strategies based on protocol design. PPD can even quantify potential trial performance based on nuanced changes to your protocol design.

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