The PatientAdvantage Trial Delivery Method

More patients from fewer sites in less time.


In an industry that is driven by data, finding sites and patients is frustratingly unpredictable. Too many trials are based on the unfulfilled promise of qualified patients and high-performing sites.

PPD’s Accelerated Enrollment Solutions has created a transformative site-patient model that starts with 100 million households of fully-identified patients and a global network of 180+ trial-ready research sites.


Increases site enrollment rates by an average of 50% by:

  • Pre-qualifying patients before your study begins using our proprietary database of fully identified patients
  • Speeding study startup through our centrally managed site infrastructure, with a single contract for all AES sites
  • Reducing your site footprint by rapidly replacing non-enrolling sites with others in our network
  • Eliminating financial risk by providing a single price per patient at randomization  
  • Providing therapeutic expertise across a range of chronic ambulatory conditions, including vaccines at 180+ global sites.

AES offers fully identified patients and a centrally-managed global site organization

Together, they are dramatically accelerating patient enrollment, expediting study startup and shortening study timelines

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UNPARALLELED PATIENT ACCESS Our proprietary database includes 100 million households of fully identified patients who have opted in to learn about health-related opportunities. This database provides us with instant access to prequalified patients who have self-reported their medical conditions, gender, age, location and demographic information.

Bringing Greater Value to Our Customers:

Patients are already identified, which means recruitment can begin immediately. There is no lag time waiting for sites to identify patients — a task which strains their resources, falls outside their scope of expertise and delays enrollment timelines.

DEEP PATIENT INSIGHT Our recruitment strategists actively reach out to and survey patients in our database to gauge their disease burden, diagnosis and treatment history, and attitudes toward clinical trial participation.


Direct patient input informs our knowledge base, enabling our marketing communication professionals to craft compelling messages that speak directly to patients’ challenges, desires, concerns and barriers to clinical trial participation.

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QUALIFIED PATIENTS After enrollment begins, we develop a highly refined profile of patients who have successfully randomized to your trial, then use this profile to identify “look-alike” patients who fit these precise demographics.


Our algorithm identifies actual patients near active sites to supplement those in our database, thereby further expanding the potential pool of eligible individuals.

TRIAL-READY SITES Our global site organization includes 180+ wholly owned and partnered research sites worldwide under a centralized management structure, eliminating lengthy contract negotiations that can delay study startup.


We offer our customers standardized SOPs, enhanced productivity, increased patient enrollment scale and efficiency and access to a broad range of therapeutic expertise.

HIGH-PERFORMING SITES Our large cohort of known and prescreened patients enables us to significantly reduce the number of sites needed to recruit patients. As a result, our team can focus their resources on developing top-tier sites while eliminating sites that underperform. In turn, this lowers the complexity and cost of operational site management.


Fewer sites means lower site costs, higher productivity at each site and cleaner data with less variability.

SITE SYNCHRONICITY Our sites are integrated under a centralized management structure, enabling them to synchronize lessons learned, rapidly escalate issues for quick resolution and apply consistent processes across all sites.


Coordinated sites are more responsive and efficient, which conserves time and resources that would otherwise be expended on site management.

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