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Business Process and Change Management

Clinical Technology Partnerships

PPD has established several exclusive partnerships to provide our clients with strategically integrated and customized clinical development services. These partnerships provide integration of technologies and processes, expanding the reach of our core services. We partner with best-in-class organizations providing comprehensive offerings to help our clients gain time and cost efficiencies, make fast, confident go/no go decisions in early phase research or determine study endpoints quickly in later phases.

By integrating our services with our partners, we are able to establish a more efficient, tailored approach across several key areas of the clinical trial process, including study startup, screening and enrollment, accurate determination of endpoints, management of data and proactive risk management.

Business Process and Change Management

Biopharmaceutical companies face immense pressure to reduce drug development costs. Complex, inefficient and ineffective business processes can create bottlenecks, confusion and duplication of effort. PPD has a dedicated team of Lean Six Sigma, process improvement and change management experts to help organizations gain a clear understanding of their business processes in order to transform their business. We work with clients to identify and address business challenges and develop innovative solutions that improve business performance, reduce cost and mitigate risk. Our problem-solving expertise and hands-on experience enable us to tailor our approach to our customers’ specific needs and deliver a strong foundation for continuous improvement.

Measurable Benefits

We bring a clear understanding of success measures to the start of every project. Our experts help identify key performance and quality indicators, which are refined during the design phase and are used following implementation to assess how well the project has delivered against its objectives resulting in: 

  • Increased revenue, reduced costs and improved collaboration
  • Reduced operational costs within your organization by optimizing efficiency, effectiveness and quality
  • Enhanced business performance, profitability and customer satisfaction by identifying and addressing internal business challenges

Process Excellence in Action

PPD’s process improvement team has crafted the following solutions, which have demonstrated significant benefits to our clients:

  • Redesigned a site activation process, which delivered a 40% reduction in site startup cycle time
  • Defined and deployed a standardized electronic filing system for a global organization, leading to significant time savings
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of the value of the FDA’s surveillance system for capturing spontaneous adverse event reports to support safety-related regulatory actions. The PPD team was rated “exceptional” in its ability to identify and resolve technical problems quickly and effectively, proposing and implementing alternative solutions to the numerous technical challenges encountered during this unique research project
  • Introduced an investigational site re-certification process that saved significant time, resources and costs