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Preclarus® Scorecard Dashboard

The Preclarus® scorecard helps executive management successfully navigate the complexities of portfolio management by objectively managing relationships across an entire book of business by therapeutic area, phase and status.

Both client and PPD study teams can utilize the Preclarus scorecard as a collaborative tool to gain insights for executive oversight meetings and internal program oversight. The scorecard also works to facilitate critical discussions regarding specific risks and issues that might impact the progress of studies.

Using the detailed data available in the scorecard, clients can access high-level and granular views of executive roll-up metrics and progress reports in easily exportable formats. This data allows for the quick identification of opportunities for improvement and highlights key performance indicators which can:

  • Determine progress towards milestones to identify delays
  • Compare performance across therapeutic areas
  • Predict study achievements more accurately
  • Compare risk and quality indicators across and within studies
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The scorecard’s near real-time data

is mined from key data systems including: PPD® CTMS (clinical trial management system); PPD® Project View, PPD’s project management system; PPD’s safety tracking system; and our electronic data capture/collection system. It is then integrated and transformed to give you a clear and accurate picture of your portfolio’s progress and risk profile, which allows you to easily identify actionable trends.