IRT Systems

Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Systems

Interactive voice response (IVR) and interactive web response (IWR) systems are technologies that allow a computer to detect voice and/or keypad inputs or gather data through a web-based system.  Interactive response technology (IRT) is the standard industry system that references IVR, IWR or the combination of both.

PPD is a leading provider of IRT systems. Since 1997, we have custom-designed, developed and individually validated more than 850 systems worldwide, supporting more than 50,000 sites and 500,000 patients.

Clients benefit from our broad experience and innovative IRT:

  • Quick and efficient system development enables us to reduce deliverable timelines significantly
  • Reliable system availability with a production environment that does not run above 50 percent capacity. Our disaster recovery plan is tested regularly and provides complete availability at our disaster recovery site in less than 60 minutes
  • Comprehensive reports cover the current status, as well as trends and projections
  • Inventory tracking from bulk supply packaging and ordering through final destruction
  • Dedicated global technical support desk is available 24/7

PPD’s global clinical supplies management system fully integrates with PPD’s IRT, which allows our global clinical supplies teams to precisely manage study inventory for clients.
Also, our systems are fully integrated with PPD’s clinical trial management (CTMS) and data management systems. There are also interfaces available to many external vendor or client data management, lab and clinical supplies systems. This integration ensures our clients have access to full study progress information, thus enhancing decision-making capabilities. Learn more about our IRT services.

Single Place to View Study Information

Our IRT system reports can be incorporated with data from vendors and other PPD services. This integration provides a single location to view key study information to enhance efficiencies and allows the project team and client invaluable opportunities to proactively address study challenges and successes.