Adaptive Trial Designs to Advance Oncology Research

Adaptive trial designs offer the means to make oncology trials more informative and efficient by leveraging accruing data to refine study parameters and decision-making as the trial progresses.

Download this white paper—Clinical Leader Newsletter’s most popular white paper in 2014—which discusses the use of adaptive trial design in oncology. Authors Dirk Reitsma, M.D., vice president, global product development at PPD, and Scott Berry, Ph.D., president and senior statistical scientist with Berry Consultants, examine how adaptive trial design is used to improve Phase I dose determination, make Phase II trials more informative and gain efficiency in Phase III development.

About The White Paper

  • Learn how incorporating adaptive trial design in oncology trials will result in go/no-go decisions being made earlier and more efficiently
  • Get information about using adaptive trial design to get successful drugs to market faster than via traditional study designs
  • Read about adaptive trial design’s potential to determine a compound’s probability of success sooner in development
  • Review a case study illustrating cutting-edge adaptive design in oncology

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ATD Oncology White Paper