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PPD Diabetes Focus

Leading the Way to a Better Life for Patients.

Diabetes diminishes quality of life, threatens multiple organ systems and shortens life itself. For millions of people worldwide, diabetes adversely impacts every hour of every day.

Diabetes is the leading cause of:

  • Blindness in adults
  • Non-accidental amputations
  • Kidney failure
  • The 7th leading primary cause of death - and it tends to worsen most of the other top 10 causes of death.*

At PPD, diabetes is more than a problem to solve. Our people have a passionate commitment to change these daunting statistics by helping our clients develop better treatments.

Our goal is to help more patients defeat diabetes, rather than be defeated by it.

Together with our clients, physician investigators and trials participants, we are advancing the fight against diabetes. Together, there will be better diabetes therapies. Together, patients will live better with diabetes, every hour of every day.

*Source: National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. Statistics relay complications of diabetes in the United States.

Cardiovascular (CV) Safety in Type 2 Diabetes: Addressing Patient Safety and Regulatory Requirements

PPD Diabetes Focus

Therapies to treat Type 2 diabetes must demonstrate adequate cardiovascular safety before marketing approval. PPD’s diabetes team has extensive experience addressing how to best meet the regulatory requirements with time and cost efficiency. The white papers and case studies in this section outline some of the best practices for addressing CV outcomes studies in diabetes trials.

Global Experience. Customized, full-spectrum support.

Endocrine and Metabolic therapeutic experience

Diabetes is a problem of epidemic proportions that’s in need of a solution of similar scope.

PPD partners with drug developers of all sizes to provide the global resources, experience and expertise required to deliver this solution—with a constant focus on improving the lives of patients around the world.

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