Hematology and Oncology

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Hematology and oncology form one of PPD’s leading therapeutic areas, with more than 500 studies with clinical components conducted in this area in the last five years.

This experience, coupled with our global network of more than 21,500 hematology and oncology investigators, expedites trial startups to help speed the development of life-saving treatments.

Through our experience in personalized medicine, rare diseases and work with tissue banks, PPD is able to help clients with variety of needs and our solutions are scalable for small biotechnology companies to the largest, global pharmaceutical organizations.

PPD is getting effective therapies to market faster and is the partner of choice in the fight to help patients worldwide. Learn more about how innovation, technology and expertise are at the core of PPD’s hematology and oncology experience.

  • Innovation for the Future

    PPD’s innovative approaches, backed by our full continuum of services and experience in adaptive trial design and unique monitoring strategies.

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  • PPD Expertise

    Therapeutic Expertise

    With more than 2,100 hematology and oncology trained staff, PPD provides our clients with highly skilled, dedicated internal resources.

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  • PPD Experience

    Complex Study Experience

    PPD has extensive experience in a wide array of indications and a large, global investigator network to guide our clients through all phases of drug development.

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  • PPD Technology

    Advanced Clinical Technologies

    Through PPD’s innovative technologies, we are turning data into actionable knowledge for clients, providing the information needed to make faster, smarter decisions.

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