Applying Technology in Hematology and Oncology Research

The complex drug development market faces increasing costs and high risks, and clients are eager to leverage services and technology to increase their return on investment and gain efficiencies.

To help clients and partners accelerate the delivery of safe and effective therapeutics and maximize the returns on their R&D investments, PPD utilizes a variety of strategies and resources, including advanced trial design methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies.


The stakes could not be higher in hematology and oncology drug development and state-of-the-art clinical development technologies are driving success in clinical research.

PPD offers clients real-time access to study data and the transparent reporting capabilities needed to make critical go, no-go decisions through Preclarus™.

Technologies such as Preclarus also present opportunities for adaptive trial designs and alternative monitoring approaches.

Medical Imaging
PPD Technology Medical Imaging

PPD offers an integrated and seamless approach to clinical development and medical imaging for oncology research.

This unique offering allows clients to benefit from efficiencies, make fast, confident go/no go decisions in early phase research or determine study end points quickly in later phases.

PPD expedites clients’ oncology clinical trials with best-in-class, comprehensive clinical development and medical imaging services.

This unique offering provides:

  • A strategically integrated approach that allows clients to benefit from efficiencies and make fast, confident decisions
  • Tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client’s oncology development program and quickly progress their therapies from early phase to regulatory approval
  • Seamless integration of technologies and processes, giving biopharmaceutical companies near real-time, consistent and reliable medical imaging information to expedite their drug development programs

Through a partnership with Medidata, PPD has expanded its suite of services, further enhancing our market-leading data management and clinical development services. This alliance offers significant innovation and process improvements and increases PPD’s ability

With more than 90 percent of its studies utilizing electronic data capture (EDC), PPD incorporates management and monitoring business practices for EDC to streamline its clients’ clinical trials.

PPD and Medidata’s partnership builds on our long-standing relationship and combines the drug development expertise and resources of a global CRO with the Medidata Clinical Cloud™, Medidata’s platform of cloud-based development solutions.

As a result, our clients have access to advanced, integrated technologies that enable faster, easier access to trial data. As part of this relationship PPD also leverages Medidata Rave to optimize clinical studies through:

  • Data availability
  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Seamless integration

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