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Participate In Clinical Trials with PPD


Millions of patients are awaiting new medications that can help relieve or cure their suffering. Help fulfill unmet needs and advance the future of medicine by becoming a clinical trial investigator.

Help yourself while helping others by participating in a clinical trial

Every medical advance starts with a clinical trial. It’s the most important step in confirming whether a new drug or treatment is safe and effective in people. PPD advances new treatment
options by conducting clinical trials – also known as research
studies – for a wide range of medical conditions.

You can be a part of medicine’s future by participating in a trial – either as a healthy volunteer or a patient who is seeking options that aren’t available from your regular doctor. Trial
volunteers receive compensation for their time as well as study medication and study-related care at no cost.

Learn more about our Austin and Las Vegas clinics and the studies they conduct, or about becoming a clinical trial investigator with PPD.

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