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Become a Clinical Trial Investigator With PPD

Investigators, or private practice physicians, are a critical component of successful clinical trials and drug development. CROs (contract research organizations) rely on investigators to interact with patients, gather data, and create reports on new drugs to help ensure safe, effective therapies are delivered to the people who need them. 

The process of becoming and working as an investigator is often perceived as time-consuming and laborious, but PPD has streamlined the process in an effort to reduce the administrative burden on our investigators and their staff. 

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Why become an investigator? 

Becoming an investigator offers a variety of benefits, including helping deliver more life-changing therapies to people who need them. Other benefits of working as an investigator include:

  • Getting an up-close look at cutting-edge therapies in your field of specialty. PPD provides an industry-leading clinical trial experience in a variety of therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular studies, central nervous system studies, critical care studies, infectious disease studies, hematology/oncology studies, and more. 
  • Offering novel treatments to patients. During drug development, certain treatments may only be available through clinical trials. Through clinical trials, your patients may be able to receive treatment at no cost and may be provided with medication they might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Achieving a higher standard of care for patients. Sites able to offer patients novel treatments actively deliver a higher standard of care than those without such treatments. 
  • Develop your career. Working as an investigator allows you to explore a new avenue of career development in research, as well as the ability to earn extra revenue for your practice.

Why work with PPD?

  • PPD is a large CRO, conducting clinical trials on a variety of therapeutic areas to help deliver life-changing therapies to patients.
  • To be the CRO of choice, we provide: 
    • Fewer touchpoints for a streamlined process
    • Responsive points of contact
    • Highly trained/skilled employees 
    • Support programs for sites that are new to research
    • Proven patient recruitment and enrollment solutions
    • Therapeutic expertise in a variety of areas
  • PPD is focused on patients and their caregivers and endeavors to include them in the drug development process. We keep our patients at the heart of everything we do.
  • PPD values a culture of innovation, investing in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that will reduce the complexity and administrative burden of clinical trials for both sites and patients.
  • We provide timely payments for sites involved in clinical trials

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