Infectious Disease Clinical Research

PPD’s Therapeutic Leaders: Infectious Diseases

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With 30 years of industry-leading experience and subject matter experts across a broad range of indications, PPD can help. Get to know our infectious disease therapeutic experts and how they can help move your program forward.


Andy Strayer, VP Project Management and Business Operation Lead – Infectious Disease

Hear from Andy on how he ensures the sponsor’s perspective when it comes to infectious disease drug development and working with a contract research organization (CRO).

HIV Clinical Research

Pamela Weiss, VP Project Management and Infectious Disease Pillar Head

Hear from Pam on her passion for HIV clinical research and helping sponsors bring treatments to market.

Antibacterial Experience

Julie Rhino, Executive Director Project Management – Infectious Disease

Hear from Julie on her knowledge of antibacterial studies and her understanding of their complexities.

RSV Clinical Research

Peter Savage Senior Director Project Management – Infectious Disease

Hear from Peter on his commitment to RSV research and how he finds it inspiring to be a part of RSV research and to make a real impact to changing lives.

Hepatitis B Experience

Linda Wharton, Director Project Management – Infectious Disease

Hear from Linda on her passion for hepatitis B clinical research and the value her role brings to clients.

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