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Clinical Development


Running clinical trials is an orchestrated process — trust PPD to conduct every trial with operational excellence. PPD partners with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, investigators, site staff, lab and technology vendors, and regulatory authorities to reinforce patient safety and access throughout every phase of research. All play a part in delivering the quality data that can drive promising compounds forward.

30+ years of clinical leadership
30,000+ employees across the globe
2,100+ trials in the past five years


For patients, each day saved in the drug development process represents much more than shifting points on a timeline. Time saved means time to feel better, to share with loved ones and friends, to pursue meaningful work and to achieve personal goals. In some cases, a day saved can mean time to participate in a new clinical trial for the next medical breakthrough.


PPD was named the 2019 winner of the CRO Quality Award by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and The Avoca Group.


From optimized protocols that incorporate the patient voice to expanding the availability of off-hour appointments and patient concierge services, we listen to patients and sites, and offer solutions to eliminate logistical barriers.

PPD uses digital technology and home health nurses to capture data where the patients spend the most time: in their homes.

Increasing Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials

PPD is focused on using data and technology to improve trial recruitment and increase the availability of clinical trial options to all communities.

Increasing diversity is key to the development of medical products and devices that are safer and more effective for everyone who will use them. Clinical trial participants should represent the target population of patients affected by a specific disease or condition.


The ability to forecast performance is central to PPD’s site selection process. We don’t select sites based only on surveys and unreliable methodology, hoping the sites have the required patients. Instead, we harness big data to more quickly guide site selection and recruitment planning.

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More clinical development capabilities

Product Development and Consulting Evidera offers a team of experts that provide end-to-end regulatory, clinical development and value and access consulting services. Early Development PPD's early phase clinical trial development services leverages a global network to help you navigate phase I studies. Government and Public Health PPD's dedicated government and public health services group has successfully delivered clinical research services to various agencies, contractors and nonprofits in both prime contractor and subcontractor capacities within full compliance of all federal contracting requirements for nearly 30 years. Medical Device Development Our clinical, regulatory and marketing services focus on bringing medical devices to market and then supporting them throughout the life cycle. Peri and Post-Approval Biopharmaceutical companies are needing more and more evidence to prove value and effectiveness in post-approval settings, including how to communicate this evidence to payers, health authorities and other decision-makers. Phase II-IV Clinical Trial Management PPD provides full-service product development for Phase II-IV clinical research studies for investigational new drugs, biologics and medical devices. Functional Service Partnership Solutions PPD is one of the world top Functional Services Providers, delivering FSP services for clinical trial management and post approval marketing solutions. Quality and Enterprise Learning We deliver effective customer solutions Regulatory Affairs Our staff is flexible and responsive to your needs Technology Our technology innovation group works closely with clients to help them deliver life-changing medicines in a faster, more cost-effective manner.