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Preclarus® Lab Solutions

Accurate, reliable and fast data is essential to any study.

Preclarus® is at the heart of our central lab, providing integrated data to project teams in real time to inform decisions. It includes a proprietary web-based enterprise and information management system for PPD® Laboratories’ central lab. Thanks to the Preclarus central lab database, you will get a fast and accurate study startup.

Preclarus central lab database

Real-time access to lab data and results.

The Preclarus central lab database is our proprietary enterprise and information management system. It was purposefully designed to manage every aspect of central lab clinical trials.

  • Our single global database eliminates the need to merge and harmonize data
  • Simplified protocol definition improves study database quality and shortens startup timelines
  • Interactive portals and dashboards enable study sponsors, investigators, and project teams to monitor studywide data in real time
  • Powerful interfaces combine lab data with the clinical database and continuously cleanse the database to streamline study closeout
  • A Decision Console, which is a one-stop, business intelligence portal which proactively provides access to Dashboards, Reports, KPIs, and links to other data systems
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Years integrating laboratory and clinical data in real-time to speed decision making


Hours saved per study by real-time query reconciliation

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Reduction in queries/visit

The Preclarus central lab database delivers reliable, integrated data to help you make better decisions faster.

Watch how our Preclarus central lab database will provide a fast and accurate study startup
Preclarus Pie Chart showing site supplies, query status, lab analysis results, samples inventory, site enrollment trends, and budget vs actual spend.

Our proprietary global database, interactive web portals and a first-of-its kind mobile app provide clients, investigators and project teams secure access to clean, studywide lab data to enable faster, more-informed decisions.

At no time is the Preclarus central lab database more valuable than at the end of the trial when all data have been collected.

Infographic showing a comparison of Data Integration improvements with Preclarus vs without. PPD customers see a closeout process that is up to 400 hours faster.

10+ years integrating laboratory and clinical data in real time to speed decision making

In addition to real-time study data from PPD Laboratories’ central lab, combined clinical and laboratory data can be accessed by project teams through Preclarus. This powerhouse combination gives teams and customers transparent, real-time access to all clinical trial operations and patient data, which can be viewed through interactive dashboards that provide insightful data visualizations.