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Site Support Solutions

Custom-fit site support solutions drive on-time study delivery

Backed by more than 25 years of delivering FSP services, our new FSP Site Support solutions help overcome site challenges to drive on-time study delivery and get new medications to patients faster. Our bespoke and scalable services are co-created to meet your changing needs and individual site needs. Our Site Support solutions provide patient-facing and administrative support to reduce pressure on overburdened site staff and increase site capacity and productivity.

Overcome site challenges and meet timelines

Patient-facing support

Our highly trained clinical research managers are integrated on-site as members of the study team. They fulfill all patient-facing clinical tasks integral to delivering studies, such as:

  • Reviewing medical history
  • Performing informed consent
  • Administering investigational products
  • Conducting study specific assessments
  • Identifying and documenting protocol deviations


Administrative support

Our team offers on-site administrative support that helps unburden site staff and allows them to accept and/or accelerate new or current studies.

  • Data entry to relieve backlog or prepare for database lock
  • Patient chart review to support recruitment
  • Tracking of biopsies
  • Maintenance of adequate study supplies inventory
  • Support development of materials and tools
  • Set up of electronic devices used in the study

Growing the talent pool to deliver the breadth and depth of expertise you need

We use a unique, three-pronged approach to attract, grow, train and develop the best and brightest talent — from patient-facing to administrative support:

  • Our global recruitment engine
  • Our future-focused, award-winning training program
  • Our continued professional development, engagement, and retention strategies coupled with a culture of learning

The result is a steady stream of diverse, reliable and strong talent proven with the expertise and capacity to support overwhelmed site staff and accelerate study delivery.

Bespoke solutions solve your specific challenges

We know what it takes to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need short- or longer-term support, support for a single site or a network of geographically dispersed sites, or patient-facing and/or administrative support, we have the expertise to recruit, train, and retain the right site staff, keep studies on schedule and provide much needed resource flexibility, reliability and continuity.

The key to any FSP relationship is to meet your specific needs as they exist at any given moment. Our flexible models can evolve over time with built-in agility to rapidly adjust resource levels to keep pace with your growth or ramp down for cost efficiencies. And our innovative pricing models accommodate various contract structures from full-time equivalent (FTE), unit-based, time & materials and hybrid models.

Clinical trial outsourcing models

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Let us help you with custom-fit site support solutions to address your specific challenges. Our services demonstrate true site and patient centricity, enhance sponsor-site relationships, and drive deeper engagement, improved experiences and a greater likelihood of meeting timelines.