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Accelerate the Next Generation of Life-Changing Therapies

Tap into the global capabilities of a leading provider of clinical research solutions

Every moment counts in clinical research.

That’s why we’re simplifying the process for drug developers, through our comprehensive expertise, global solutions and the ease of a single partner. As the clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’ve strengthened our capabilities and global footprint to streamline how our customers bring therapies to market.

Our customers trust us to keep them ahead of the curve and have singled us out as their “#1 favorite” provider of clinical research solutions1. At the heart of our approach is our meaningful relationships with our customers, which remain as strong as ever, grounded in trust, transparency and mutual respect.

It’s time for a partnership that moves you forward

Solutions tailored to accelerate your development

Pharmaceutical companies need a global network and dynamic collaborations for swift market entry. With end-to-end offerings that span our comprehensive network and tap into our integrated data ecosystem, we empower drug developers at every turn.

Count on us to provide strategic guidance, optimize study designs and navigate regulatory pathways—ensuring you soar past key milestones with speed and precision.

Unlock efficiency

Unrivaled therapeutic expertise honed over decades

From established drug disease markets to emerging areas of R&D, our proven expertise spans upwards of 20 therapeutic areas.

The track record of success we’ve built over the past three decades enables our customers to streamline clinical research functions and improve patient lives.

Open up possibilities

Comprehensive laboratory services that drive drug development programs forward

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies strive to make faster and more informed decisions about their compounds without compromising safety and efficacy.

Our global network of laboratories combines a dynamic, innovative approach with award-winning technologies to accelerate clinical trial performance and regulatory success.

Move your development forward

Open up possibilities

[1] Nephron research, January 2024