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PPD Laboratory Services in China: Integrated Capabilities and Services

PPD™ Laboratory services in Suzhou, China, help customers make faster and more accurate decisions and accelerate their studies through global standards of high-quality data and convenient local services. With an integrated laboratory, you will have access to an in-country facility with all the same PPD capabilities.

With in-country kitting, the latest instrumentation and high-throughput automation, our Suzhou lab is equipped with the tools to provide high quality results and data for your studies.

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(~67,000 square feet)

Cap accredited, BSL2 certified laboratories

Our Suzhou lab provides bioanalytical, biomarker, vaccine sciences and central laboratory services. With well-trained and experienced scientific and operational talent, combined with the strong support of PPD global experts, our laboratory helps accelerate your drug development process with delivery of high-quality critical data.

Global laboratory capabilities

A photo of a central lab with desks, chairs, computers, and lab equipment.

Central lab

  • Safety testing (chemistry, hematology, urinalysis and immunology)
  • Molecular testing
  • Coagulation testing
  • EIA/ELISA testing
  • NGSP Certified HbA1c
  • Special chemistry testing
  • Flow cytometry

Bioanalytical lab

  • LC/MS for small molecules and biologics
  • Immunochemistry ELISA, MSD® platform for PK, anti-drug antibody (ADA) and plate-based NAb assay
  • Cell-based NAb Assays
  • Decision-making biomarkers
Two lab technicians in a bioanalytical laboratory.
Centrifuge tubs in cardboard containers.

Biomarker lab

  • LC/MS and Ligand Binding Assays formats
  • Flow cytometry 
  • PCR/molecular

Vaccine sciences lab

  • Functional assay (MOPA, OPA, SBA)
  • Cell Mediated Immunity-T cell ELISPOT, cytokines by flow cytometry
  • Viral microneutralization assay (MNT)
  • High-throughput serology testing by single or multiplex assay (MSD, Luminex, ELISA)
  • Nucleic acid detection of pathogenic microorganisms:
    e.g., HPV genotyping
Two lab technicians in a vaccine sciences laboratory using a computer.
PPD China lab in Suzhou and PPD China offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenyang.

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