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Vaccine Development

Expertise and Flexibility to Accelerate Your Vaccine Program with Our Development Solutions

Vaccines are one of public health’s greatest advancements and one of the most difficult challenges we face. As vaccine development researchers achieve important success to control one devastating disease, another pathogen emerges. Your vaccine strategy represents an important advancement in tackling some of the world’s most deadly and disabling diseases and ensuring science and society work together to protect public health.

At PPD, we apply the vast global footprint, development capabilities and expertise we’ve acquired in vaccine development to help clients attend to the unique needs of vaccine trials and accelerate development with proven capabilities and dedicated resources.

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25+ Years of Vaccine Development Experience

As a global team of therapeutic specialists, we are fully immersed in the latest advances in the field of vaccine development with expertise in trial design, data analytics, manufacturing, project management, logistics, laboratory testing, pharmacovigilance and regulatory requirements. We combine our extensive therapeutic and laboratory expertise with our vast global resources to offer a distinctive caliber of vaccine development services.

Our services can be tailored across trial phases, for localized or global studies, for biotech and large pharmaceutical companies, not-for-profit and governmental programs. Our footprint extends across six continents—with local expertise in all regions—to apply needed insights for trial approvals, site identification and close oversight during study conduct. Our technologies enable rapid and transparent risk assessments and data access for subject safety on a real-time basis. This expertise, coupled with advanced technologies, will provide unparalleled partnership for your vaccine development needs.

90 Countries where PPD has conducted vaccine studies

Broad Expertise in Vaccines Clinical Trials

We work with clients of all sizes across a wide spectrum of vaccine programs from legacy vaccines to emerging pathogens. Our vast global footprint enables rapid deployment of teams to support the staffing needs of vaccine studies, including separate unblinded teams. We offer:

  • PPD priority vaccine sites and networks to support rapid startup and timely enrollment with performance guarantees
  • Expertise with seasonal studies and Northern/Southern Hemisphere execution strategies
  • Innovative real-time data technology to support safety trends analysis and decision-making during trial conduct
  • Operational expertise to deliver pivotal, field-efficacy studies globally and across a range of targeted populations
  • Rapid site identification and capacity to support large vaccine efficacy trials
  • Broad experience with cold-chain management and sample logistics
  • Distinct quality control for serology specimens, including storage facilities with centralized alarm systems to protect serum integrity
  • Expertise in immune assay development and laboratory testing

Real-Time Access to Clinical Trial Data

Preclarus®, our comprehensive data solution, provides real-time access to the vast quantity of clinical trial operations and subject data produced in vaccine studies. Our Preclarus solution enables:

Collection of subject-level data, which facilitates real-time feedback on safety and immunogenicity measures and direct communication of key study assessments
An integrated technology platform that links data across sites and laboratories

Less frequent on-site monitoring visits and a remote monitoring approach with a customizable plan drive by continuous site-level risk assessment
Development of eSource solutions for sites, allowing for more immediate access to source documentation and facilitating remote source verification

Targeted High-Quality Monitoring Strategies Tailored to Vaccine Studies

We leverage the Preclarus platform as part of our approach to risk-based monitoring to create a customized profile of subjects across a wide range of clinical laboratory findings and to review safety trends for vaccine reactogenicity, labs and toxicity gradings. We share this data with you to inform early phase research and dose escalation meetings.

We create study-specific, risk-based monitoring plans based on key site performance indicators. This proprietary method allows CRAs to maximize their time on-site and focus holistically on site performance. This approach provides cost savings in conjunction with quality data.

Laboratory Services for Vaccine Studies

PPD Laboratories’ vaccine sciences lab offers custom assay development, clinical testing and submission support services for new, modified and existing vaccines. Our capabilities and more than 25 years of specialized vaccine laboratory experience ensure development of innovative analytical methods and accurate, high-quality test results.

We have an experienced biostatistics group that is fully integrated into our lab operations from scheduling through data archiving. Our proprietary, fully electronic system supports the development, qualification, validation and routine maintenance of vaccine assays with tools specifically created to support complex biofunctional assays and molecular genomics studies.

  • Streamlined the documentation process
  • Complete electronic audit trail
  • Improved data integrity and quality
  • Reduced full-time equivalent (FTE) time and cost
PPD Laboratories has supported more than a dozen FDA submissions for vaccines.

Access to Special Subject Populations

Our priority vaccine site network includes 450 high-quality vaccine-experienced sites across all geographic regions that have with vast experience with diverse patient populations, including:

  • Pediatric
  • Adolescent
  • Elderly
  • Maternal