group of medical professionals holding a meeting

Health Wellness

We believe our colleagues are our greatest resource. We strive to foster an employee experience that provides education, opportunity and motivation for all colleagues to create healthy lifestyles and to be wise health care consumers. Our company provides well-being resources to employees around the globe, including fitness centers and employee health clinics at select locations, along with health and safety services. A wellness program builds resources and programming around a holistic view of well-being that can best be integrated into our employees’ professional life at work. Employees are also encouraged to work with their direct supervisors to establish daily routines that ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Outside the U.S., global regions where we operate are budgeted to fund wellness-related events that are relevant to their culture and office location. Events include walking/running groups, on-site employee vaccinations, on-site relaxation rooms and on-site health education.

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