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Integrated CRO and CDMO Solutions

Gain speed, simplicity and scalability with our integrated CRO and CDMO solutions

Developing novel therapies and bringing them to patients is a high-risk process. Working across multiple vendors can extend an already lengthy drug development process, generating additional decision-making, timeline gaps and overall progress challenges. That’s why sponsors need a streamlined clinical research, development and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) solution, combining the expertise and technology of a contract research organization (CRO) and contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), delivering speed, simplicity and scalability to clinical trials, drug development and manufacturing.

Coordinating activities across all stages of drug development with integrated CRO and CDMO solutions ensures simplified and scalable pathways, from concept to market.

Accelerate your drug development journey with integrated CRO and CDMO solutions

Working with an end-to-end, integrated CRO and CDMO partner provides sponsors with a wide range of innovative capabilities, improving speed, simplicity and scalability, streamlining your drug development journey from molecule to medicine to market.

Benefits of our integrated solution and capabilities:

  • Accelerating IND filing and Phase I startup with expert consulting and manufacturing services.
  • Aligning on site selection, patient enrollment and clinical trial supplies to exceed customer expectations on site activation timing and first patient in targets.
  • Matching the demand for clinical trial supplies at each site with the actual supply and accurate delivery timing, consistently meeting trial and patient needs.
  • Providing total program visibility and avoiding unnecessary spending.
  • Simplifying sponsor’s administrative tasks by eliminating multiple vendor contracts, reducing meeting times and centralizing program management and governance functions.


Accelerating innovation

  • Integrated timelines, joint project management and streamlined information sharing 
  • Expedited communication within the integrated structure 
  • Proactive risk mitigation and swift adaptation of strategies 
  • Faster decision making enabled by visibility of key project milestones 


Simplifying the complex journey

  • Centralized coordination across programs 
  • Reduction of multiple vendor handoffs 
  • Transparency across supply chains  
  • Experts to guide and de-risk your asset development program 
  • Joint contracts across development, manufacturing, clinical supply, clinical research and consulting services 


Adapting to evolving needs

  • Global networks with regional expertise across geographies 
  • Seamless scale-up across all phases of clinical trials through to commercialization 

Best in class expertise, by the numbers

We have decades of expertise in bringing innovative therapies to market, globally.

The PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Worked on 10 out of 10 of the top selling drugs of 2022
Conducted more than 2,800 clinical trials in the past five years
Worked on more than 7,600 compounds in the past five years
Was involved in 92 global drug approvals in 2022
Works with 50 of top 50 pharma and 500+ biotech

The Patheon pharma services business of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Has supported more than 7,100 clinical trials annually
Has more than 1,100 customers from 80 countries
Works with primarily new and emerging customers (90%)
Works with all top 20 pharmaceutical companies
Has twice as many NDA approvals than the next largest CDMO

Simplify your asset development journey with CRO and CDMO solutions

Through our integrated CRO and CDMO solutions, we provide a complete suite of services to take your asset from research to market, streamlining timelines, proactively mitigating risks, eliminating handoffs between multiple vendors, simplifying contracts and centralizing program management.

The right partner for your drug development success

Choosing the right partner is critical to your drug development success. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we continually evolve to bring innovative therapies to patients in a timely manner. As a global, full-service CRDMO partner, we accelerate innovative small molecule, large molecule and advanced therapies to patients every day.

  • Decades of expertise across all areas of drug development, manufacturing and clinical trials in one company
  • A trusted partner who can flex and grow with your project, as needed
  • Rigorous operational oversight to manage your project timelines and proactively mitigate project risks

Accelerate your drug development and clinical trial goals and benefit from our CRO and CDMO expertise with our integrated CRDMO solutions. Partner with us.