Government and Public Health

Government and nonprofit agencies require a partner that understands their specific requirements, has experience working within this sector and can meet the unique needs of these various agencies and programs.

For nearly 30 years, PPD’s dedicated government and public health services group has successfully delivered clinical research services to various agencies, contractors and nonprofits in both prime contractor and subcontractor capacities within full compliance of all federal contracting requirements. Our services have supported the organizations in conducting therapeutic, vaccine and medical device studies on a global scale across all trial phases and therapeutic areas.

To meet the unique needs of the various government agencies and programs, we offer quality performance and innovation at every level, to include:

  • Early development
  • All phases of clinical development
  • Peri- and post-approval
  • Novel approach to site and patient access
  • Comprehensive lab services

We offer innovative trial design and technology offerings such as: 

  • Wearables expertise
  • Virtual trials
  • Adaptive trial design
  • Accelerated Enrollment Solutions 
  • Vaccine and medical countermeasure expertise

As a designated prime government contractor, we are at the forefront of working with federal agencies to maximize their objectives. PPD provides strategic partnership and local expertise in clinical research to protect and enhance global public health.

PPD provides a robust network of sites to find the right patients for each trial, including PPD owned sites; partner networks; and NAVREF, a group of 80+ veterans administration hospitals.


Currently, PPD supports 65 active projects, covering 303 protocols, for government and non-profit public health clients.