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PPD Translate Solutions: Better, Faster, Easier, Now

Translation is just the beginning

PPD™ Translate solutions is a full-service language service provider (LSP) and language services Master Service Provider (MSP), providing a broad array of translation and localization services with highly qualified linguists using advanced technology. But translating words for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics is not the final step – it is just the beginning.

Our global team and freelance linguists operate under ISO 17100 and ISO18587 requirements and connects the world with communications that are accurate, culturally appropriate and respectful. Our customers receive superior quality, quick turnaround times and competitive pricing.

ISO certified for Translations (ISO17100) and Machine Translations (ISO18587), ‘gold standard’ of translation quality.


Every year we support more than:




language pairs


million words


life sciences clients

PPD Translate solutions

Our expert team offers a range of translation and localization services, working in concert with freelance specialists and selected partners. We use best-in-class technology, driven by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). PPD Translate solutions uses AI to accelerate turnaround times and reduce costs all within the – exacting quality standards of ISO 17100 and ISO 18587.

Every service is tailored to accent the broader offerings of the PPD™ clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific, including clinical trials, Advanced Enrollment Solutions (AES), peri- and post-approval services, patient support services, laboratory services, medical communications and more.

Our solutions use AI to deliver better quality, turnaround times, and cost savings

Translations Certified and rapid translations to and from more than 70 languages
Linguistic validation (LingVal) Conceptual equivalence for study instruments, and scales to reduce confusion and bias
E-learning and Training Translation and presentation of visuals, training platforms and presentation tools as audience-appropriate
Interpretation Real-time translation in person or by phone to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages
Transcription Accurate transcriptions from recordings or live meetings – with translation where required
Transcreation Translation and edits to ensure messages are culturally resonant while maintaining intent, style, tone and context
Web localization Translation and presentation of audience-appropriate design, navigation, user interface and user experience

What makes PPD Translate solutions different

  • Awarded ISO 17100 and ISO18587 certifications
  • Consistent, best-practice SOPs to improve quality
  • Stringent service-level agreements for PPD Translate solutions and all vendors to reduce errors
  • ~40% faster for smaller jobs, typically under 10 pages
  • Leveraging the latest technology, including AI, to deliver high quality as quickly as possible
  • Wordbee & other key software tools to streamline dynamic translation and localization
  • PPD Translate solutions handle vendor management and administrative tasks for our customers – so you can spend time where it matters most

Join the leading health care and clinical research LSP

The best people make us the best language service provider. PPD Translate solutions are adding linguists, translation project managers, desktop publishers and other key experts to make translation and localization better, faster and easier.

Want to do interesting work with colleagues who are passionate about helping people better understand each other or have questions?