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Neuroscience Clinical Research

Partnering to Achieve Your Next Neuroscience Breakthrough

Navigating the complexities of neuroscience research and clinical trials requires partnership with an experienced, global CRO equipped to handle challenges and drive solutions forward.

Unmet patient needs outweigh the available treatment solutions for many conditions that affect the central nervous system (CNS). Every breakthrough can impact how neurological disorders are managed and treated—potentially reshaping the futures of patients and their caregivers.

Advancing your treatment requires well-staffed sites equipped for and experienced in neuroscience. PPD is prepared to connect you with a large selection of appropriate sites and will help establish streamlined, simple study designs to increase the likelihood of successful site selection.

Your commitment to developing meaningful solutions to neuroscientific health challenges is shared by PPD experts. From supporting patients and sites with simple, accessible decentralized trial solutions to providing proven placebo response mitigation, our end-to-end services transform uncertainties into actionable information that furthers research and therapeutics. And the patient is at the center of everything we do. Our patient concierge services reduce individual burden and increase access to clinical trials for those who need them most.

Preparing for Growth in Neurodegenerative Treatment Opportunities

Advances in the understanding of neurology have led to significant progress in the development of treatments for neurodegenerative disorders. While patient enrollment and retention for clinical trials in this field can be challenging, CROs with the right expertise, tools and passion can enable sponsors to implement successful, cost-effective studies that minimize site and patient burden.

See how innovative thinking makes it possible for PPD to enable you to bring your breakthrough therapies for neurodegenerative diseases to market as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

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Neuroscience Clinical Research Expertise

Seven of the 10 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved neuroscience therapies approved in the past five years have been supported by PPD. Our experience spans every stage of neuroscience R&D, including:

Patient populations
Phase I and Phase IIb-III
Strategic evidence generation

Explore how we can support every phase of your clinical research development for the following CNS conditions:

Expertise to Solve the Complexities of Neuroscience Research

At PPD, we are more than a global team of clinical research specialists — we are experienced solution-seekers who join forces with you to achieve your commercialization goals. Our neuroscience offerings are led by expert scientists, project managers and clinical managers who apply best practices in neuroscience research and a deep understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of various approaches at every stage of the journey to drive significant breakthroughs.

Clients benefit from PPD’s specialized expertise that spreads across the full range of complexities within neuroscience research, including:

neuroscience novel gene therapy icon
Novel gene therapies requiring direct CNS administration
neuroscience subjective assessments icon
Subjective assessments, management of inter-rater reliability and scale validation
neuroscience proven methods icon
Proven methods for achieving new drug application, marketing authorization application or biologics license application approval
neuroscience deployment of digital trial solutions icon
Digital trial solutions and concierge services that reduce individual patient burden while increasing access to trials
neuroscience placebo response strategies icon
Placebo response strategies for more precise data outcomes
neuroscience incorporation of estimands icon
Estimands incorporated into CNS study design, protocol development and statistical strategy
Pediatric expertise at our Rare Disease and Pediatric Center of Excellence (COE)
Indication-specific site partnerships and the PPD-owned clinical research unit in Orlando, Florida

Ingenuity for the Evolving Neuroscience Clinical Trial Landscape

In neuroscience studies, it’s critical to anticipate how patients, investigators, regulatory bodies and payors will respond to study drugs—and be prepared to nimbly pivot your study strategy. By gathering insights and data through trial simulators and patient registries such as Synexus HealthyMinds, PPD has the proven ability to anticipate challenges and guide your study through these complexities. And investments in solutions and teams that work to improve neuroscience study quality and certainty add value for you and your patients.

Clinical Trial Simulator

Start your trial off on the right foot by running a clinical trial simulator to identify potential gaps in your program from the start. We work with you to use these insights to guide the selection of design parameters for clinical trials in indications like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Training for Health Care Practitioners

To meet the increasing number of health care professionals needed in neuroscience, we provide access to SiteCoach, a platform that offers customized and robust training, coaching and support to health care practitioners new to clinical research.

Dedicated Patient Enrollment Solution

Access our robust and growing Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES) patient database, which includes:

  • Thousands of contracted patients
  • More than 20 million pre-screened candidates
  • 100 million households with individuals who have opted in

In addition to our own global, wholly owned network of sites, we also provide connection to an extended traditional site network and act as a liaison with all trial vendors.

Decentralized Clinical Trial Technology and Patient-centric Solutions

Ease the burden on clinical trial participants and their caregivers with decentralized clinical trial (DCT) advancements developed specifically for neuroscience research. These solutions include:

  • Telemedicine
  • Direct-to-patient models
  • Remote eConsent
  • eCOA/ePRO
  • Home health care services

As you focus on delivering breakthrough therapies to market, PPD can help. Connect with us to learn more about our commitment to developing meaningful solutions to neuroscientific health challenges.