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The Pulse Report 2023

The Pulse: Global R&D Insights in Pharmaceuticals

Insights from 150 global drug development leaders illuminate industry trends, challenges and sentiments.

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Five major trends shaping the drug development industry:

  1. Interest in AI is on the rise

While innovative trial design led the way as the top trend driving transformation in clinical trials, artificial intelligence (AI) soared to second place. Selected by 41% of respondents, AI rose 17 percentage points from our 2022 survey.

  1. Recruiting qualified patients remains a pain point

For the second year in a row, 55% of respondents reported patient recruitment in clinical trials as the top challenge facing their organization, followed closely by increasing trial complexity.

  1. Perception of the drug development timeline varies by company size

Across the industry, somewhat more sponsors say that clinical development timelines are extending. Biotech organizations, in particular, are feeling the pinch, as 51% report their timelines are longer now than they were two years ago.

  1. Decentralized trials have evolved from a trend to an expectation

The prevalence of decentralized clinical trials continues to expand. In two years, 90% of participants expect to be using decentralized elements for at least some of their trials.

  1. Functional service provider (FSP) outsourcing is growing at a faster rate than its full-service counterpart.

FSP use increased for 41% of respondents compared to two years ago, while only 29% reported increased full-service engagements.

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