Additional Senior Leadership Team Members


Elisha Talley-Roithner

Senior Vice President, Development Operations and Portfolio Management

Elisha Talley-Roithner serves as senior vice president of development operations and portfolio management for PPD. In this role, Talley-Roithner leverages the depth and breadth of the PPD organization to ensure the company is delivering tailored operational solutions that meet the unique needs of its pharmaceutical industry customers. She leads a team of global operational professionals focused on establishing effective partnership models and ensuring the satisfaction of PPD’s customers.

Talley-Roithner helped to establish PPD® Biotech to address the unique needs of the growing biotechnology sector. She continues to lead the biotech portfolio team, responsible for ensuring a “right-fit” operational model that matches the business needs of the company’s small to mid-size biotech/biopharma customers.

Previously, Talley-Roithner was the head of the global infectious and respiratory disease therapeutic portfolio at PPD.

Talley-Roithner has more than 20 years of clinical research experience, including successful collaborations with a variety of biotech customers. She is a fierce advocate for her clients and project teams and is committed to high-quality project delivery.

Talley-Roithner earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Florida State University.