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PharmaVOICE (March 2021)

Decentralized clinical trials: The way forward

Niklas Morton discusses how the industry is considering decentralized trial approaches as a valuable asset in the design and execution of future clinical trials.

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PharmaVOICE (February 2021)

Fulfilling a great promise

Evidera’s Jonca Bull comments on how cell and gene therapies hold such great promise, despite being among the most complex clinical trials in terms of design and execution.

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European Pharmaceutical Contractor (February 2021)

Embracing a functional service partnership model for rapidly growing biotechs

Jan-Maarten Kroodsma and Timothy King discuss how a tailored functional service partnership model can provide expertise and flexibility for biotechnology companies.

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Applied Clinical Trials (January 2021)

How to address—and overcome—operational challenges in master protocol studies

PPD experts discuss how the critical need for COVID-19 therapeutics has helped to underscore an ongoing urgent need for more innovative clinical designs.

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Contract Pharma (January 2021)

The slow – but desperately needed – evolution of oncology clinical development designs

Jürgen Hummel outlines how adaptive designs at the early stages of development can not only accelerate timelines and reduce costs, but also can help focus development on the most promising agents at the right doses in the right indications for the right patients.

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Contract Pharma (January 2021)

Selecting the right outsourcing model for emerging biotech

Timothy King and Elisha Talley-Roithner discuss how smaller and emerging biotech companies are able to take advantage of a range of flexible outsourcing models.

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BioPharm International (December 2020)

Can cell and gene therapies achieve their full potential?

PPD’s Stephen Gacheru comments on the cell and gene therapy methods he sees the industry using in the future.

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Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (December 2020)

A brief guide on designing a comprehensive cell and gene therapy bioanalytical strategy

PPD’s Panteli Theocharous, Janine Micheli and Catherine Vrentas outline how the application of cell and gene therapy offers the promise of significant long-term health benefits to people suffering from a wide range of diseases.

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Pharmaceutical Technology (December 2020)

Complying with lab data integrity practices during COVID-19

PPD’s John Maier discusses how accelerated startup and overall timelines of COVID-19 trials have presented a significant challenge to ensuring compliance with lab data integrity regulations.

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